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you get paid quite a bit more overseas

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Q: Is overseas basketball better than college basketball?
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Is college basketball better than overseas basketball?

Ultimately, it depends on your taste. College basketball brings out nationalism from each college, with the fans more raucous than any other professional team. The rivalries are present in each division, and when the rivals come to town, the games get very intense. The teams treat each game as though the season is on the line, and thus give 100% every game. They are also younger and more eager to play. Overseas, these guys are professionals. They have (for the most part) been to college and understand the game. The games will be less sloppy (fewer turnovers) with players having a a greater sense of how to play. Fantastic passes and alley-oops will be present, along with a tenacity synonymous with the international teams.

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college is better

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no but most are and someone will always be better than you

What is the difference between 1932 basketball than in 2003 basketball?

Better quality

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theres nothing better than experience in basketball.

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