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no but most are and someone will always be better than you

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โˆ™ 2016-03-18 06:50:59
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Q: Do you always have to be better than someone in basketball?
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How do you beat someone in basketball that is better than you?

Be black.

Is basketball better than golf?

Basketball -

Is basketball better than netball?

Basketball is way, way better!

Is Bakugan better than basketball?

umm... of course not... you should always spend time playing a sport than bakugan.. its your call

Is it better to be loved by someone or in love with someone?

It is always better to give than receive as in the end it makes us feel good too.

Is Kobe a better basketball player than lebron?

yes finaly someone who doesnt worship queen jamie

Why is basketball better than football?

It's not.

Is NASCAR better than basketball?

nascar basketball is gay nascar is the best

Is men's basketball better than women's basketball?

No, no it definitely is NOT. yes. yes it is.

What is the difference between 1932 basketball than in 2003 basketball?

Better quality

Why do the same winners always win?

Winners win because they're good at what they do. They will only lose against someone better than they are. So, if they're not against someone better than them, they win.

Is basketball better than any sport?

Your mom is the better workout.

Is Muzefer better than everyone else in basketball?

I would say .....hes pretty good at basketball .... better than anyone NO but like better than nothing ..HES pretty good

Is basketball better than softball?

NO!! Softball is way more fun and wayyy better than sotfball! Ive been playing for more than 10 years!

How did the famous basketball players learn how to play basketball?

theres nothing better than experience in basketball.

Is tennis better than Womens basketball?


Why is a leather basketball beter than a ruber basketball?

it gives you a better grip on the ball

Most ellette force in the world?

there isnt one there is all ways someone better than you (always)

Is magic Johnson better than Micheal Jordan in basketball?

jordan is better than any body in the nba.He is one of the greatest basketball players in the nba

Do better basketball shooters have better depth perception?

They will have a better depth perception than before.

Which basketball team do the Jonas Brothers like?

I don't think the Jonas Brother's are into basketball. But, I could be wrong. Someone can put a better answer than this if they find one. I hope I helped. But I don't think I did.

Who is better than sue bird in basketball?

No sue bird is the best basketball player alive!!!

Is overseas basketball better than college basketball?

you get paid quite a bit more overseas

Is basketball better than skateboarding?

yes becuz basketball doesnt require safty wear

Is lacrosse awesome?

yes its way better than basketball