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Under most rules if you fail to hit your object ball it is a foul, not a scratch. The foul will mean ball-in-hand to your opponent.

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Q: Is not hitting a ball in pool a scratch?
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Do you lose if you scratch after hitting the 8 ball in pool but are not on that ball yet?

No you don't. You give away two shots to your opponent, but you don't lose the rack.

Is it a scratch in pool if you dont hit a ball?

yes it is

What happens when you hit your opponents ball in the pot in pool?

It is called a scratch.

When shooting pool and you scratch on the 8 ball what does ball in hand mean?

A ball in the hand is worth two in the bush.

When you scratch in pool and make a ball does the ball you made come out ofthe pocket?

Under most rules, no.

In pool if you scratch before you make another ball do the balls you pocketed come out?


What happens if you sink the white while on the black ball in pool?

It is considered a scratch and if you scratch with no balls left to pocket other than the eight (black) ball then you do in fact lose because a scratch on the eight ball does result in a loss.

When you hit the cue-ball in and then you hit a colored ball in does it count?

Hitting the cue ball in is a foul referred to as a scratch. The colored ball does not count under most Rules.

What happens when you miss the black ball in pool?

you dont lose its only if you sink the white after hitting the black ball

What is the penalty for a foul in 8 ball pool?

If you're referring to a foul, it's ball in hand for the incoming player, provided it is a cue ball foul (i.e. scratch, ball off table, hitting opponents ball before your own, etc.). I believe some fouls result in loss of turn, but not ball in hand (i.e. - an object ball leaves the table).

Which pitcher was given credit for creating the curve ball?

Candy Cummings thought of it while hitting a cue ball in a pool game.

What happens if your pool cue hits a ball after you hit the cue ball?

Technically, is a scratch, but most people will just let you put it back.

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