Is mauy Thai a woman's sport?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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mauy thai is a man and women, although women intend to be better at mauy thai than men!

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Q: Is mauy Thai a woman's sport?
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Where did Thai originate?

If you're refering to Muay Thai it is the national sport of Thailand, and the first kickboxing style, it originated in ancient thailand in the same time period that Ankar wat was built, in those times the style was called Mauy Boran.

Is muay thai Olympic sport?

Muay thai is a sport but no an olympic one

What sports do Thai people do?

A good example is muay thai the national sport of thailand. but also popular is the native ball sport sepak takraw

Worlds toughest sport?

The worlds toughest sport is Muay Thai boxing.

Is Muay Thai game recognized by Maharashtra Olympic Association?

Muay Thai is not an Olympic sport.

When did womans curling become an olympic sport?

1998.In 1998

What is thialand national sport?

Thai boxing

What is the most popular womans sport in New Zealand?

Netball probably.

What sport provides a physical challenge?

Muay Thai

Does culture effect sport coverage?

yes for an example when womans soccer was not important to Americans womans games were not cover and if te were it was nothing but the score

How do you feel about womans sport?

i personally do not like it as a guy who is very into the sports world

What is Madagascar's national sport?

this national sport for madagascar is SOCCER.