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In high school, yes. In college or pro, the play continues. Defensive offsides is often referred to as a "free play" for the offense because once the offense sees the flag thrown, they know they will have the option of accepting the penalty and replaying the down. Therefore they can make a risky throw into the end zone knowing that there will be no consequence if it is intercepted.

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Q: Is lining up in the neutral zone a dead ball foul?
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What is a 'dead ball foul' in little league basketball?

A dead ball foul is a term in which the ball has not been inbounded, the clock is stopped, thus a "dead ball," and a foul has been commited.

If a slowpitched softball hits the ground is it a dead ball?

after the batter hits the ball and it's a fair ball it's not a dead ball. if the ball lands in foul territory, it's a foul ball.

Can a runner advance on a foul ball hit into stands?

No, a foul ball is a dead ball, so nobody advances.

In high school football is an offsides penalty a dead ball foul?

Yes. Play is stopped the moment the defender crosses into the neutral zone. Technically, this is called "encroachment." There is no "offsides" foul in high school football.

On a foul ball a fan touches the ball then bounces into the players glove is he out?

dead ball.. no out.

What is a dead ball foul in a basketball game?

over the back.

Is the batter out if he inadvertently make contact with a slow rolling ball in foul territory?

If the ball is in fair territory, the fact that the fielder is standing in foul territory does NOT make the ball foul. the same as if a ball is foul, the fielder standing in fair territory doesn't make the ball fair.

Using head to hit the ball a foul?

If a pitched ball strikes any part of the batter, including his clothes, the ball is dead. It's neither fair nor foul.

A batter is in the batters box the pitcher throws and the batter hits the ball into his foot and the ball goes foul but what is the call?

its a dead ball and a strike, but not strike 3, just like a foul.

How many yards or you penalized for a dead ball personal foul in football?


When can you substitute in a high school basketball?

At a foul, time out, dead ball, etc.

What is the rule when a batter hits a ball then the ball hits the batter and there are runners in first and second baseis this a dead ball or live?

it is a foul.