Using head to hit the ball a foul?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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If a pitched ball strikes any part of the batter, including his clothes, the ball is dead. It's neither fair nor foul.

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Q: Using head to hit the ball a foul?
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Can you get a foul in softball?

You can not get a foul but you can hit a foul ball when the ball is hit outside of the lines.

How high can a foul ball be hit?

as high as you can hit it in foul territory

Mother hit by foul ball on Mother's Day?

It was pitcher Bob Feller's mom who got hit in the head with a foul ball on Mother's Day in 1939. Feller was on the mound that day and threw the pitch that Marv Owen fouled off, hitting Feller's mom in the head.

When a batter is hitting foul after foul after foul. Is the batter doing this on purpose to work the pitcher?

A Baseball player hitting foul after foul is done more so to stay alive (not strike out) then to work the pitcher ... You have to keep in mind that the batter him self is using up energy to hit the ball foul ... The batter would rather get a hit then repetitively hitting the ball foul ...

Can a runner advance on a foul ball hit into stands?

No, a foul ball is a dead ball, so nobody advances.

Is it a foul if you hit your opponents ball in pool then pot the black when you have none of your balls left?

Yes. If your object ball is the black 8 ball and it is not the ball that is hit first, it is a foul.

If a ball is hit and hits third base then defelets into foul ground is it a fair or foul ball?


What are the fouls in a softball game?

When a batter hits a ball but it goes outside the white lines (these line up with 3rd and 1st base)it is called a "foul ball" and it counts as a strike. However if the batter already has 2 strikes it does not count as anything because you can not "strike out" on a foul ball. You cannot have a foul ball on a bunt attempt if you have two strikes, however, as that is considered an out.

What is a baseball hit out the territory?

foul ball

Is it a scratch in pool if you dont hit a ball?

Under most rules if you fail to hit your object ball it is a foul, not a scratch. The foul will mean ball-in-hand to your opponent.

If a high fly ball is foul and 1st baseman tries to catch it and the ball hits the tip of his glove and bounces off his glove and goes into fair territory is it fair or foul?

It's still foul cause the ball was hit in foul territory. Whether a ball is fair or foul is based on the position of the ball when it is touched. Since the ball was touched when the ball was in foul territory, it would be a foul ball.

If a Runner on 3rd gets hit by foul ball in foul territory before the ball reaches 3rd is he safe or out?