Is korea consider good in soccer?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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yes, Korea is considered to be very good in soccer.

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Q: Is korea consider good in soccer?
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Is South Korea good at soccer?

Korea is not good at soccer

Is Korea good at soccer?

Kind of.

Is korea better in soccer than japan?

Both Korea and Japan are great soccer players. However, many people think Korea is better.

In South Korea would they chose Tae Kwon Do or soccer?

In South Korea, taekwondo is more popular than soccer.

What is the logical sport of Korea?


What is national game of South Korea?


Who won out of soccer out of Korea and England?

Korea beat Team GB on penalties in the 2012 olympics.

What is good bye in Korea?

what is good bye in korea

What is South Korea soccer team captain?

Koo Ja-cheol

What are North Korea's popular team sports?


Do South And North Korea Have Sports?

yes football but it's actually soccer

What is the most popular sports team in Korea?

Football (soccer) is the most popular team sport in North Korea.