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In South Korea, Taekwondo is more popular than soccer.

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Q: In South Korea would they chose Tae Kwon Do or soccer?
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How much would a soccer ball autographed by the 2002 fifa world cup Korea men's soccer team be worth?

About 1000 pounds as south Korea reached the quarter finals in the 2002 world cup for the first time.

Why would north and south Korea be in danger of conflict with each other?

NORTH Korea invaded SOUTH Korea

What is the only nation bordering China Russia and South Korea?

The only country that borders China, Russia, and South Korea would be North Korea.

What would be some challenges if North and South Korea successfully reunified?

One major challenge pertaining to the reunification of North and South Korea would be the mass unemployment and poverty of those in the North. That would impact the economy of South Korea in a major way.

Is south Korea a good country?

Yes, South Korea is a good country. Better than any other countries and even way better than North Korea! South Korea is 5 to 6 times more powerful than North Korea. There is no way that North Korea would be able to beat South Korea in war!

Does Korea have a database?

Yes, there would be thousands of databases in both North Korea and South Korea.

What would describe North and South Korea in the 1980s?

south korea began a successful transition to democracy; north korea remained a communist dictatorship

If North Korea started a war with South Korea what actions would the USA Japan and China take?

Probably if North Korea started a war, USA would go on and help South Korea for they are more friendly and because of similar government. China would help North Korea because of their similar government too. Japan would help South Korea because they are more of a close friend. Not because of a similar government. ---- if North Korea started a war, it would be my guess that USA, Japan, and China will help South Korea because North Korea is trying to send nuclear bombs to USA and other places.

How did the US respond to North Korea attacking South Korea?

We helped South Korea out because we didnt want Communism to spread. If N. Korea had one, communism would have spread.

Who is army is better South Korea or North Korea?

well north Korea have made nuclear bombs however the country is a very poor country. the soldiers are very short and if they fight against south Korean soldiers it would be a diadvantage for the north Korean. in order to bomb south Korea with nuclear bomb they need planes to drop the bomb but they are so poor that they can move the plane once. also how on earth are they going to feed the soldiers during the war if they are so poor. they have bad missile accuracy so they would lose. North Korea trains the soldiers really hard but their low height would have big disadvantages on them. South Korea are far wealthier country and the country has help from the un especially from USA. Korea's soldiers are taller with bigger and tougher bodies. South Korea has weapons as well like tanks. south Korea is very good at making ships so this would be a big advantage. If the two koreas have war south Korea will get some damage but the victory would be in the south Korean's hands. North Korea has stronger army but would not able to beat south Korea in the war.

What are the capitals for the Koreas?

If you were talking about North Korea it would be Pyongyang or if you were talking about South Korea it would be Seoul

Who is currently the president of South Korea in 2011?

Lee Myung-Bak is the current president of South Korea... I would know because I am South Korean.

Would you rather visit china South Korea or japan?

Japan. Already spent a year in South Korea with the Army.

If it is 100 pm in London what time is it in South Korea?

South Korea is 9 hours ahead, so it would be 10pm.

What if the North Korea and South Korea go into war?

China would assist North Korea in tbe war

Why would the North Korean leader not let South Korean people work in North Korea?

North Korea has recently declared that it is at war with South Korea. This is not really because of anything South Korea has done, but rather it is an attempt to pressure the international community which has recently enacted economic sanctions against North Korea, in an effort to discourage North Korea from pursuing its nuclear weapons program. North Korea cannot pretend to be at war with South Korea and still conduct business as usual with them. That would not make sense, and would show that the declaration of war is meaningless. Whether North Korea will take the next step, of actually invading South Korea, remains to be seen. If they do, then they will have a real war on their hands.

If you were stranded on an island what country would you want with you to help you South Korea OR North Korea?

South Korea, since I'm American and nk isn't gonna help me out at all.

Who would win in a war North Korea or south Korea?

Most likely North.

In what city would you find the world's largest soccer stadium?

pyongyang, north Korea

Who has a bigger population north Korea or south Korea?

Population cannot be accurately determined in North Korea, however since there are reports of people dying of starvation, i would think that South Korea has a larger population.

What would happen if the US bombed North Korea's nuclear site?

North Korea would retaliate by sending artillery shells at Seoul, South Korea and within 2 hr. the largest city in South Korea will be leveled. North Korea would also deploy their troops across the DMZ and invade South Korea. In response to the artillery the US will be forced to bomb the artillery guns and defend South Korea's border. China will also step in and aid North Korea by cutting off trade to the US and readying their nukes to fire on South Korea, Japan or the US. The US would loss respect in the eyes of the world for this attack and this may cause Iran to attack US allies ultimately plunging us into WWIII.

Who won in war battle South Korea or china?

South Korea/allies won the war because they repelled the invaders and still exist. Had they lost the war they would no longer exist as the Republic of South Korea (ROK).

Why is south Korea a country?

South Korea is a country because at one point both North and South Korea were once Korea. The Korean war (1950-1953) resulted in the split. They both signed a treaty but they have major defences set up at the border. It is nearly impossible to escape from North to South (South- North) Korea. Out of what I know only one person has managed to escape to South Korea, a few has escaped from North Korea to China. If the Korean war didn't happen at all Korea would still be one nation.

How would you categorize North Korea's and south Korea's economic system?

· North Korea is a planned and isolated economy also they have a lack of arable land. But on the other hand South Korea they have an high-tech modern world economy South Korea joined the trillion dollar club of world economy.

Is bankemoon is from north Korea or south Korea?

Ban Ki Moon is from South Korea. Honestly, do you think they would make a North Korean a secretary general of UN?