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A soccer ball is round, but it is very similar. You can kick a football the same way you kick a soccer ball, but you might end up having the football go lopsided.

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Q: Is kicking a football like kicking a soccer ball?
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Could you be a kicker in football if you play soccer?

you could, but the kicking technique of kicking a football on a stand and a soccer ball on the ground is different. in football you need to tilt your foot as far out as you can to get maximum distance, but in soccer if you kicked a hard ball as hard as you could like that you would probably break something. in soccer you need to make you foot curve around the ball for accuracy. you would have the power but not the right kicking technique.

What are the differences between a soccer ball and a football?

A soccer ball is round, a football is shaped like a lemon. A soccer ball is smooth, a football has some grip. A soccer ball is a lot bigger than a football.

A person kicking a soccer ball is most like what type of simple machine?


How are action-reaction forces used in soccer?

Well there is a lot of action reaction like.... kicking the ball

Which is an action reaction force pair?

Newton's Cradle. A soccer player kicking a soccer ball. Things like that. Hope this helped Ian

What is the same about the ball in 1882 and 2011 rugby ball?

nothing in reality. The original ball was a pigs bladder and was not actually round despite it being used for football (soccer) The shape changed over time to be more torpedo like for passing and kicking

Can you clean a volleyball?

yes just like you can clean a football, soccer ball, tennis ball, and golf ball. ****

What does shooting in soccer mean?

It is kicking the ball towards the goal attempting to score, just like you would shoot at a target with a gun.

Why did they want to invent football?

Well it was fun kicking a ball around and we English like to improve the fun by inventing rules.

How did the Victorians play football?

By kicking it like we did

Can you block people in soccer?

Not if you mean like the way you can in American football. You can tackle in soccer, which is only using legs to get the ball away

What is soccer and rugby?

Soccer is where a team will kick a ball to get it into the goal at the end of the feild. Rugby is like football but without any pads.

How did the sport American football originate?

First there was soccer and then there was this one guy that was training outside in Spain along time ago. And he picked up the soccer ball and he started to run with it juke and etc. like that. Then he told some people and it became to be known as rugby. And the Americans picked it up but instead of kicking the ball the Americans would tackle and throw the ball.

What is Fuseball Fuseball is like soccer and football it is mixed to make Fuseball there is basketball Fuseball there is soccer Fuse ball and when they are mixed they make Fuseball that is what rugbys?

fuse ball is pretty much soccer but the ball does not bounce as much. it is also played on a basketball court.its kinda like indoor soccer but it is out door and the ball is harder to kick. fuse ball drastically improves your touch on the ball.

What was Charles Darwin faverite sport?

did Charles Darwin like sport? he like football,soccer,base ball, tag.

What is Fuseball Fuseball is like soccer and football it is mixed to make Fuseball there is basketball Fuseball there is soccer Fuse ball and when they are mixed they make Fuseball that is what means?

fuse ball is pretty much like soccer but it is harder to kick the ball and it doesnt bounce as much it is like indoor but out doors. it is played on a basketball court. fuse ball drastically improves your touch on the ball.

What does dribble mean in soccer?

the term "dribble" means to move while kicking the ball just like a couple feet every step you take .

What is the difference between soccer and football rules?

The sports have little similarities. you can't compare. football is hardcore and soccer is risistance.You can't even tackle in soccer,you can slide but if you don't hit the ball in a slide it's a fault.And you don't use protective gear in soccer like in football

Is polo like soccer?

Not at all. Polo is a ball game played on horseback using Polo sticks whereas football (Soccer) is played on foot.

What is like soccer?


Is there a goalie in Gaelic football?

Yes. The goalkeeper is normally number 1 on a Gaelic Football team. A goalkeeper is essential as it is possible to score a goal, like in soccer. This is worth 3 points. A score can also be got by kicking the ball over the goal and between the two posts, like in rugby. This is worth 1 point.

What is the difference between punting and kicking?

well punting is like when the goalie gets it after she or he blocks it where he or she has the ball in there hands then drops it to punt it kicking is just like running up to a ball and kicking it while it is on the ground not in the air

Why do the majority of girls dislike football?

Majority of girls do not like football , because it is fast and many footballers get seriosly injured and because they feel it is silly thus kicking a ball around.

Which sport requires the most skills between the NFL and soccer?

Soccer for sure. In soccer you have to use your feet to move a ball and use other tactics than just knocking into someone and hoping the ball with get to you, like you do in football. Soccer is the sport that requires the most skill.

Is soccer a real sport?

Yes, Soccer is a real sport why wouldn't it be, that is like saying that Football is not a real sport. Soccer has always been and always will be a sport. Soccer and Football are similar sports where there are lots of running after a ball involved. They are both listed as a Sport. Yes association football, or soccer, is a sport. it is the most popular sport in the world!