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No Syracuse and Murray State are also undefeated

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Q: Is iu the only unbeated team in basketball?
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Indiana University 1970-1971 basketball team?

Who was on the 1970-1971 iu mens basketball roster.

Who was the coach of the 1976 IU men's basketball team?

*Knight coached the the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers *That IU squad was the last undefeated NCAA IA Basketball Champion

Who was the IU basketball coach in 1987?

Booby Knight was the coach of the 1987 Indiana University men's basketball team.

Who was on the1964 iu basketball team roster?

The Van Arsdale twins, John Block

How amazing is iu?

IU is the greatest basketball college ever!

What kind of basketball team does IU have?

Indiana University has a men's basketball team that is known as the Indiana Hoosiers. It competes in Division 1 of the NCAA league, and plays in the Big Ten Championship.

How far did IU mens basketball team advance in 1975?

The 1974-75 Indiana University basket ball team advanced to the final eight in the 1975 NCAA basketball tournament.

Is IU basketball guard Matt Roth Jewish?


How many times has IU won NCAA basketball championship?

5 Times

What famous IU basketball player wore the jersey number ten?

scott wolf

When was the last time IU made the Men's Basketball tournament?

I believe it was the 2008 tourney

What number was charlie miller on the IU 1994 team?


Who was on the 1987 IU mens basketball team?

StartersForward - Daryl Thomas, Sr.Forward - Ricky Calloway, So.Center - Dean Garrett, Jr.Guard - Keith Smart, Jr.Guard - Steve Alford, Sr.

WHo is IU's All Time Winningest Basketball Coach?

Bobby Knight is Indiana University's all time winningest men's basketball coach.

What is UK Basketball's head to head record against IU Basketball?

After the game in the 2008-09 season, Kentucky holds a 29-23 edge

How many championships does IU have in mens basketball?

They have 5 national championships. They were 1940, 1953, 1976, 1981, and 1987.

What are one of IU's team goals that Ben mentions?

Score Touchdown's in the End Zone

What is a six letter word ending in IU that relates to a clue known to be true?

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How many iu make one iu?

Quantity of 1 (one) IU is still equal to the quantity 1 (one) of IU. Therefore, one IU makes one IU.

16000 IU vitamin D3 is equivelant to how many mg?

The international unit (IU) is not a measure of mass but only a measure of the drug effect.

How many national basketball championships has IU won?

Indiana University has won five NCAA men's basketball championships. The title years were 1940, 1953, 1976, 1981 and 1987.

What was the roster of the 1994 Indiana University men's basketball team?

The 1994-1995 IU men's basketball team roster was: Robbie Eggers, Brian Evans, Steve Hart, Alan Henderson, Michael Hermon, Rob Hodgson, Pat Knight, Todd Lindeman, Richard Mandeville, Charlie Miller, Andre Patterson, Jean Paul, Neil Reed, Sherron Wilkerson

Do wooyoung likes iu or Tiffany?


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400 IU

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