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it depends on what a "boy sport or girl sport". But yes!! every sport can build your muscles up.

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Q: Is it true that playing both boy and girl sports gives you more strength?
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What are similarities between sports and life?

they both involve mental and physical strength

How can you stop sexism in sports?

As a woman: play sports. Both: take more of an interest in women's sports or have fun playing sports with (other) women.

When did men stop fighting and then start playing sports?

They didn't. They do both. Sometimes at the same time.

Ancient rome sports clothing?

Ancient Romans didn't wear clothing while playing sports. Both men and women had nothing on. Although, women did not not play many sports.

What is the difference between sports activities and workout activities?

sports activity's depends on what sports your playing, doing either its working out/ getting exercise. there is so difference they are both the same

What is the symbol for strength and courage?

The bull and the lion are both symbols of strength. The griffin is a symbol of both strength and courage.

Does gymnastics help in karate?

I would say it does because both sports focus on flexibility and strength and by doing gymnastics it will make karate easier.

Who has better reflexes boys or girls?

Both genders are born with equal reflexes, but girls who play sports tend to have better reflexes due to the fact that their sports focus less on strength and more on agility.

Do the Germans play the same sports the English do?

yes, they both play sports such as football but then they both have different sports

Is gymnastics a sport of strength?

it's both a sport of strength and flexibility

What does football and baseball have in common?

They both use a ball. They are both team sports, not individual sports.

Is a Subaru impreza WRX a sports car?

Yes, the Subaru Impreza WRX, and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi can both be considered sports cars. Even though both of them only have a 2.0 or a 2.5 Liter, 4-cylinder engine, they both come equipped with a turbo charger, which gives them over 200 horsepower. Also, considering that they are much lighter than other sports cars, and considering that they are all-wheel drive, this gives them a good advantage while racing.

Is it more important to have strength or power in sports and fitness?

They are both the same thing kind of. Let me explain. If you have lots of power, chances are you have practiced over and over again until you've reached your limit. So most likely, if you have a lot of strength, you'll probably have a lot of power because of your strength.

Which one will make someone stronger boxing or martial arts?

Both are very active sports and will improve strength and reaction time. Martial arts are usually better for flexibility.

Are there more boys or girls in Wii sports resort?

Computer people you mean? Or the people playing it. The computer people have an equal number of both genders.

How are Beowulf and Hercules the same?

They both have unhuman strength and both had to defeat creatures

What is the same between Hercules and atlas?

They are both mythical and both had enormous strength.

What rhymes can mean both strength and compel?

The word that means both is "force."

What are two competitive sports that are devoted to weight lifting?

The two sports are (a) Olympic Weightlifting and (b) Powerlifting. These two sports are very different but often confused. They share one common characteristic and that is that both require great strength. However, Olympic Weightlifting is regarded as a sport that requires great technique and speed as well.

Which is more important school or sports?

sports and school both are important if u are well educated and have the knowledge about sports than u can lead ur study and sports at a same time so both are important

What word can mean both strength and compel?


Can sports increase intelligence?

yes a study has found that people that balance both sports and academics tend to do better at both areas

Is karate a cardio workout or strength training?

A bit of both, but I think it is more strength training or flexibility training.

What color symbolizes strenght?

Red is the colour most commonly associated with both physical strength and strength of will.

Are skateboarding and surfboarding both sports?