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I use mineral spirits, a.k.a. paint thinner. It's cheap and I always have some around.

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Q: Is it possible to replace golf grip solvent with thinner?
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Is it possible to replace golf grip with an insecticide aerosol?

To be honest, i wouldn't bother. You can use white spirit or petrol and grip solvent is cheap enough.

What is golf grip solvent?

Golf grip solvent is lighter fluid/shellite.

Is it possible to replace golf grip solvent with Naphtha?

Yes, much more inexpensive than grip solvent. You can find it at your local painting supply store. Note: use at your own risk. I do not encourage the use of the forth mentioned solvents. Please read all labels and MSDS before use.

Do you have to use golf solvent for Regrip golf clubs?

No, you can now blow them on with an air gun and compressor. But if you don't have this you can use petrol (gas), grip solvent or white spirit.

What is the best adhesive to use on golf clubs?

For attaching heads to shafts a specialist epoxy is best, it can be purchased at any good golf shop or online. The grips are simply put on with a strip of grip tape and a solvent such as a specific golf solvent, petrol or white spirit.

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A golf mat has many possible benefits. One possible benefit of a golf mat is that it can protect the grass and soil from repeated strikes from a golf club which would time and money to repair.

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