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no. According to the rulebook a save can only be awarded to a pitcher who is not already being considered for the win.

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Q: Is it possible for a pitcher to be credited for a win and a save in the same game if he goes to another position and then comes in the get the final out?
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Can a pitcher return to pitching after being pulled?

Nope, but what you can do is pull a fielder in another position and temporarily have the current pitcher play in that position while another pitcher fills in at the mound. After the new pitcher is done he can be pulled, the original pitcher can be moved back to the mound, and another player put in the position he was in.

Is it possible for a pitcher to be credited with a win without throwing a pitch?

No, Because a pitcher has to throw at least five innings of work.

If a pitcher is pulled with a 2-1 count and the batter is then walked by the next pitcher who is the BB credited?

The pitcher giving up the last to balls gets "credited" with the walk.

Is the pitcher credited with a strike out if the catcher drops ball on third strike?

yes, so as a result it is possible to strike out four batters in an inning

Is a catcher and pitcher get credited with a putout on a strikeout?

A strikeout is a pitching statistic. The pitcher is credited with a strikeout under his or her pitching stats. A putout is a fielding statistic for defense. The catcher is credited with the putout under his or her fielding stats.

How is it possible for a pitcher to make four or more strikouts in one inning?

A pitcher can get credited with 4 strike outs in one inning by the drop 3rd strike rule as long as the runner makes it to 1st base

Can a pitcher be moved to another position and then be brought back to pitch again in Major League Baseball?

Yes, a pitcher can be moved to another position temporarily and then moved back to pitcher. Managers often made use of this strategy during the 1980's, moving a pitcher to a corner outfield position for one batter and then moving him back. As managers started carrying more and more relief pitchers on their rosters the need for this sort of maneuver lessened.

Can a starting pitcher re-enter the game after being removed If so which league rule is this?

A starting pitcher who is removed cannot re-enter in either league, if he is removed from the game. It's rarely if ever done in Major League baseball, but if a pitcher is removed as a pitcher but placed in another position he can later return to the pitcher position.

Can a pro pitcher return to the game after being pulled?

In MLB, any player removed from a game is ineligible to return to that game. If a pitcher is moved from the pitching position to another position, he may at a later time be moved back into the pitching position.

Can a starting pitcher complete 1 inning then move to another position on the field for 1 inning and then return to the pitching position the following inning?

Yes, the pitcher and any other player may move to any position on the field and back to his original position, or any other position at any time during the game.

When calculating a pitcher's ERA and the pitcher is relieved before the inning is over do you credit a full inning pitched for the ERA stat or how do you divide the inning up?

The pitcher is credited with a fraction that represents how many outs there were in the inning when they are relieved. If the pitcher is relieved is one out, they are credited woth 1/3 (one-third) of an inning. If the pitcher is relieved with two outs, they are credited with 2/3 (two-thirds) of an inning. A pitcher who starts the game and is relieved with one out in the seventh inning is credited with 6 1/3 innings pitched ... if relieved with two outs in the seventh inning is credited with 6 2/3 innings pitched. ... if relieved with no outs in the seventh inning is credited with 6 innings pitched.

How is it possible to pitch blank and a tenth innings?

If a pitcher gets only one batter out, he is credited with ' 0.1 ' innings pitched. That's not a tenth, it means one-third.

Does a pitcher get credited for a strike out if a runner reaches first base on a past ball?

Yes it will be a strikeout Every few years a pitcher is credited with FOUR strikeouts in an inning.

Can a pitcher and a fielder alternate position?

Yes. MLB Rule 3.03 Comment states: "A pitcher may change to another position only once during the same inning; e.g. the pitcher will not be allowed to assume a position other than a pitcher more than once in the same inning."Only the Pitcher and Catcher have defined positions, other defensive players can stand anywhere in fair territory (Rule 4.03c)

How many batters does a pitcher have to face to record a start?

For a pitcher to be credited with a start they only have to throw the first pitch of the game.

Is a pitcher credited for a strike out if the runner reaches first base on a past ball?

Yes, the pitcher is given a strikeout for the at bat

Is a pitcher or catcher credited with a putout on a strikeout?

The catcher gets the putout.

Can a pitcher re-enter?

If a pitcher leaves the game and is replaced on the line-up (9 men in NL, 10 in AL) no. But a pitcher can be moved to a different position, and return to the pitcher position, so that a different pitcher can face a specific hitter.

What is a homophone of the word pitcher?

pitcher = position on a baseball team picture = artwork, a drawing or sketch

Is it possible to be both the winning losing pitcher in one game of baseball?

No, there is no way possible, but it is possible to be a losing and winning pitcher in one DAY!!!

How is a batted ball hitting a runner recorded in the box score?

It is credited as a put out for the pitcher.

What position did babe play in?


What is considered a complete game pitched in baseball?

It's pretty simple really - a pitcher is credited with a complete game if he is the only pitcher for his team in an official game. There is some argument as to whether a pitcher would be credited with a complete game if say, the starting pitcher didn't get any outs, then a reliever came in and finished the game. He got all the outs in the game - so did he get a complete game? Semantics, semantics...

Can a pitcher throw further than a centerfielder?

Thechincally it depends. Sometimes pitchers, when it's not their turn in the rotation, play an outfield position. Or, on several previous occasions, a pitcher can be hurt and not be able to pitch, but they play another position such as outfield. An experienced center fielder can probably throw farther than an 18 year old pitcher just out of high school (or vice versa).

What is the hardest position to play in baseball?

Pitcher. It takes much endurance and skill to be a pitcher.