Best Answer a matter of health ...this is not quite normal

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Q: Is it okay for one breast to be larger than the other?
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Is it normal for a female to have one breast larger than the other?

Yes it is.

What would cause one of your breasts to be slightly larger than the other and at times they are both sore?

It is fairly common for one breast to be larger than the other. Breasts can be come sore around the time you are going to start menstruating. I would do a breast exam to make sure there is no lumps in the larger breast just to be safe.

What percentage of women have one breast larger than the other one?

Indeed the percentage is small.

Does your left breast grow faster?

No, but it can seem bigger or smaller. Often the breast size of one is larger than the other. It is a small difference, but it is there.

Is it possible for one breast to grow and one to not?

If you are in puberty, one breast may grow faster than the other. The smaller one catches up. However, almost all women have one breast slightly larger than the other one.

Is it normal to having left breast is slightly larger than right breast?


Is it normal to have one larger breast when pregnant?

If you are really concerned, ask your doctor, but usually woamn do have one breast larger than the other. That's just the way were built as humans. We're not symmetrical

If one breast is bigger than another and itches are you pregnant?

Not necessarily. It is common for one breast to be slightly larger than the other. If in doubt, take a pregnancy test, bought from a chemist.

Could there be something wrong when during weight loss one breast is significantly larger than the other?

No, most women have one breast larger then the other. Usually the left side is larger then the right. You might notice that when you buy shoes. it can also be that the bigger breast is just hanging lower. Go see a doctor if you are unsure.

Why does one breast grow larger than the other?

It is quite normal for people to have one breast larger than the other as well as feet that are different. A great deal of the time one side of the body tends to be larger depending on if we are right or left handed. The body is not perfect so it is just one of those things.

Why does your one breast become larger during the day - teenager?

Because when you are born you have one breast bigger than the other it is natural so dont worry about it.

What is breast pain a symptom of?

Breast pain can be a symptom of puberty, pregnancy, pain, aching and tenderness in the breast, or any weirdness in them. One breast can be larger than the other, it can change to different colors, or the nipple can be flat or inverted.

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