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Indeed the percentage is small.

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Q: What percentage of women have one breast larger than the other one?
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Could there be something wrong when during weight loss one breast is significantly larger than the other?

No, most women have one breast larger then the other. Usually the left side is larger then the right. You might notice that when you buy shoes. it can also be that the bigger breast is just hanging lower. Go see a doctor if you are unsure.

Is it possible for one breast to grow and one to not?

If you are in puberty, one breast may grow faster than the other. The smaller one catches up. However, almost all women have one breast slightly larger than the other one.

Why do some women have one breast larger than the other one?

Bodies aren't perfectly symmetrical, that's just the way they grow.

What to eat to get bigger breast?

I'm sorry to tell you this but no, there isn't any food that will make them larger. If there was, all women would have larger breast. We are all suppose to look different.

Who has breast?

Everyone has breast, men and women. A lot of other animals have them as well.

Does breast grow back after breast feeding?

If you mean do breasts go back to their normal size after breast feeding, yes, usually, although some women remained larger.

What percentage of women with breast cancer are under 30?

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Can a woman have one breast larger than the other?

Yes, all women have once breast larger than the other and many have a considerable difference.Human beings are not perfectly symmetrical and breast development doesn't occur in both breasts at the same time. Teens may notice one breast will grow a lot more before the other or that they breasts will almost take turns to grow. There are various factors that can effect if breasts are different sizes, another common cause aside from development is lopsided breast feeding.

Is it weird to have 32DD breast at fourteen?

Not at all. All women have different breast sizes and usually breast size is hereditary, so you are more likely to have larger breasts if someone in your family did.

What are some early signs of breast cancer other than lumps?

Some early signs of breast cancer are seen in teenagers and women with larger breast. A lump underneath an underarm can be a sign of breast cancer. Also, an area of thickening around breasts is also a sign. Swelling and redness of the breast is also a common sign.

Can having one breast bigger than the other cause cancer?

No, most women have one breast that is bigger than the other

What percentage of women with breast cancer are teenagers?

2%A percentage of 2 is really too high. Between the age of 15-19, there's a 1.3 in 1,000,000 (one million) chance of getting breast cancer. If my calculations are correct, this is a percentage of 0.00013.

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