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yes it is not legal, you have to wear hockey/Lacrosse official gloves

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Q: Is it legal to wear lacrosse gloves in hockey?
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Can you wear lacrosse gloves in hockey?

Depends on the league. You can always get Reebok lacrosse or Warrior lacrosse gloves to blend in. The main thing you want to think about is, is that in lacrosse gloves they are a lot more mobile. Although you can result in a injury more the choice is yours.

What are 4 differences between ice hockey and lacrosse?

lacrosse uses a round ball-hockey uses a puck lacrosse is played on a field-hockey is played on ice lacrosse players wear cleats-hockey players wear skates lacrosse sticks have a head and mesh on the end-hockey sticks dont

What gloves does UVA lacrosse wear?

Gait Recons

Can you wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse?

yes you can wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse

How can you make your hockey gloves feel tighter?

Well this is kind of an amateur somewhat childish method but it does work! Just wear some thin-ish winter gloves underneath the hockey gloves.

Is lacrosse the same thing as field hockey?

No, lacrosse is not the same thing as field hockey. In field hockey you use a stick with a curved base on the ground and hit it to your team mate, or you can dribble it up the field. The goal in field hockey is much bigger than a lacrosse goal. In lacrosse you throw and catch a ball using a stick with a net and you can run with the ball in you stick. Lacrosse is a much faster paced game too. In lacrosse you wear eye protection and a mouth guard, in field hockey you wear shin guards and a mouth guard. Both sports are really fun.

Is it legal in lacrosse to only wear shoulder pad liners?


What do Montreal Canadiens wear when thay are at home?

Jeans, T-Shirts and Hockey Gloves

What sport do you wear a mask?

Sports such as Cricket, Lacrosse, Ice hockey, Baseball and American Football, you wear a mask for safety precautions.

Is it a legal requirement to wear gloves when performing first aid?

no it aint

What did falconers wear in medieval times?

Leather gloves. They still wear them in regions where this 'sport' is legal.

Outline the kind of safety aids that players in a range of sports might use to prevent injuries?

equipment wise there are: helmets (football, baseball/softball ,hockey, lacrosse) men usually wear cups soccer and field hockey there are shin guards baseball players wear guards when hitting to protect the side facing th pitcher football, hockey, and lacrosse players wear all types of padding volleyball players sometimes wear pads on their knees field hockey and female lacrosse players wear eye masks strething can be considered an aid for preventing injuries

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