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== == == == Usually not... but you can if the coach prefer you to also, it depends on how old you are. if you are still jv then it isn't as crucial that you do it overhand

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It takes less energy and power to underhand serve. Its also easier to guide in a certain direction while serving underhanded. Younger or inexperienced people may underhand serve.

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Q: Is it illegal to serve the volleyball underhand?
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What is an underhand open palm hit called in volleyball?

Underhand serve

When serving can you alternate underhand and overhand when it your turn to serve in volleyball?

of course you can!. . .

Who do you sever in volleyball?

over hand jumps serve jump floater underhand

What are the two or three kinds of of service in volleyball?

underhand, overhand, and jump serve

What is an underhanded serve?

An underhand serve is when you serve underhand

Why is an overhand serve dangerous and more difficult in volleyball?

its more difficult than an underhand serve because you throw it in the air and try to hit it. its more easier to do an underhand serve because you hold it your hand rather than throwing it in the air. its more dangerous because it goes in a faster speed than an underhand serve.

What are the different ways you're allowed to serve in volleyball?

Two ways to serve are underhand and overhand. To serve underhand, hold the ball in one hand and hit it upward with the other fist or forearm, so the ball flies in a parabola into your opponents' side of the field. To serve overhand, toss the ball above your head and then smack it with your wrist, palm, or fingers to send the ball over the net in a parabola flatter than the underhand serve.

What type of hit should you receive an incoming serve with in volleyball?

You should hit it with an underhand pass, otherwise known as a bump.

What are the five skills ofa volleyball game?

block, set (volley), bump(pass), serve (underhand and/or overhand),and spike

A term used to describe an illegal hit by hitting the ball underhand with open hands in volleyball is called a?


Are net serves illegal in volleyball?

Absolutely, in fact in volleyball it is the predominant type of serve

Is volleyball an underhand sports?

only for younger players