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no it isn't because you have to balance on a tiny blade like this:

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Q: Is it easy to speed skate?
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How many people speed skate?

4 people speed skate at on time

How do you get to the second location on skate it?

its easy just skate it :D

How do you ice speed skate?

skate like you are glideing on air

How can you do easy olies?

well first gain speed then lean your skate board on to the back wheel's then slam it on to the back wheel's and then you will do an olie.

How do you get on to skate park on Skate 3?

It is very easy to get to Skate Park to Skate 3. The player will need to make a certain amount of board sells to unlock the mission to get to the skate park.

What is speed skate racing?

Speed Skating is an olympic sport.

Do you have to be skinny to skate?

No. It certainly helps alot... but there are plenty of "heavy set" people who speed skate.

World class speed skaters can skate a 3000-mcoursein about 4 minutes what is the average speed?


What are the Norway speed skaters?

Norwegians that skate fast

Do you have to play Skate to understand the story in Skate 2?

no, the story line is simple and you should find it very easy to understand.

Who are easy skateboarding sponsors?

Take A Local Skate Sponser

Why does friction effect speed on a skate board?

Pure physics bro. More friction less speed.

What is the minimum age to start speed skating?

There is no minimum age. As long as you can skate, you can speed skate. Honestly, if your 1 years old, but yo can stand on skates and move forward... You could sign up for your local speed skating club.

Which ice skate has Canada printed on in?

Maple Speed Skating Company

How many laps in 500 meter speed skate race?


Are in line skates faster than ice skates?

it depends. i have been in line skating since i was 7. it is still very hard for me to ice skate. but my friend crysta,who ice skate thinks it is easy to in line skate.

How do you do the ea skate speed glitch?

When you are going down a hill keep doing flip tricks and it helps you gain speed.

World class speed skaters can skate a 3000 m course in about 4 minutes. What is their average speed for this course?


Which olympic sport uses the longest ice skate blades?

speed skating

How many millimeters is the woman's 3000 meter speed skate?

3000000 millimeters

What weather is needed to speed skate?

Considdering you skate on ice..... it needs to be cold, -5 is perfect becasue there's ice... and it's not too cold for the skaters.

When you ice skate do you skate like your on rollar skates?

Yes. Its very easy. I ice skate 3 times a week and when i picked up some roller skates for the first time i was better than most people at the rink!!

What else is good skate boarding music?

good music? for skate boarding? easy you should try disturbed, avenged sevenfold, slipknot, or 7th day slumber

How long is a speed skater's skate?

That ranges due to age, size and speed. Olympians usually around 17-18 inches.

How fast does a speed skater skate per kmh?

In a sprint, a elite speed skater can reach about 50-60 km/h

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