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yes it is considered a penalty.

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Q: Is it considered a penalty in the stats when a kickoff is kicked out of bounds?
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If a punt is kicked out of bounds is it a penalty?

No. The kicking team is penalized if a kickoff goes out of bounds, but on a punt, the ball is put in play for the receiving team at the point where it goes out of bounds.

Where is the ball placed on the ball is kicked out of bounds on kickoff?

on the fourth corner.

Where is the ball placed after a kickoff has been kicked out of bounds in NCAA college football?

It is placed at the receiving teams 40 yard line.

On a kickoff if the ball is kicked through the uprights is it considered a score or a touch back?

It is a touchback.

Where is the ball placed after a kickoff that goes out of bounds in the NFL?

30 yards from where the ball was kicked off. If the kickoff was at the kicking team's 30 yard line, the ball will be placed at the offensive team's 40 yard line.

When the football is kicked off in college football what causes a penalty?

On a kick off, if the ball goes out of bounds it's an illegal procedure, and it's a penalty. Note: Does not apply to punts.

When a soccer ball out of bounds?

It is a throw in given to the opposite team of those who kicked it out of bounds. If it goes out on the endline or by the goal it's either a corner kick (kicked out by the defending team) or a goal kicked (kicked out by the attacking team)

When punting can the ball be kicked in bounds then roll out of bounds?

Yes it can Because the ball will be placed right there!

Does a penalty kick have to go forward?

A penalty kick must be kicked with a forward component. It cannot be kicked backwards.

Does the ball have to be kicked forward at a penalty kick in soccer?

Yes, a ball must be kicked forward at a penalty kick in soccer.

In the NFL if the ball goes out of bounds while receiving a kick off and touches the ball on the 5 yard line in bounds does the ball come out to the 40?

As long as the ball was kicked from the kicking team's own 30, then yes. The rule is NOT that a kickoff out of bounds is placed at the 40-yard line. The rule is that the ball is placed 30 yards from the spot of the kick. So if the kicking team had been given a 10-yard penalty on the PAT play, and ended up kicking from the 20 instead of the 30, and the ball goes out of bounds, the ball would then be placed at the 50 -- 30 yards away.

Can a ball be kicked out of bounds on a punt?

Yes, and that is where the ball would be placed.

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