Best Answer is not bcuzzzzzzzz it may hurt some people.even sum olympic swimmers dont wear swim capsss.

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Q: Is it compulsary for a swimmer to wear a swim cap in a meet?
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What should male swimmer wear?

Most male swimmers wear swimming trunks that are long. There are also some men that prefer to wear speedo swim trunks.

What are the uniforms for swimming?

Generally, swimmers wear a swim suit, a swim cap (not all the time), and goggles. There are a lot of different kinds of swim suits, caps, and goggles, but the kind that a swimmer gets is determined by what he or she prefers.

Should I get my cartilage pierced. I am a swimmer on a team. How long do I have to wait until I can swim?

I would suggest that you wait until the end of your swim season and do it the day that season ends. I swim and got mine done in the beginning of my season, for the rest of it I could not wear my cap over that ear.

swim wear on sale ?

swim wear on sale

Swimmers often wear swim caps and shave the hair from their bodies so that they can swim faster What force is reduced that will enable them to swim at a greater speed?

It is the drag that all the hair causes. If it is shaved off or covered, it will make the swimmer more streamlined, which means they will move faster. Drag

Should boys wear jockstraps while swimming?

depends but yea i do. By all means Boys of any age who wear Board shorts must wear a regular jockstrap if they cant fit into a bike swimmer jockstrap. The mesh lining in most swim suits provide no support. Swimmer jockstraps are also good under Speedo swimsuits for training since the swimsuits get loose after a few months. In private pools swimmer jockstraps are great for a better sun tan while swimming or suntanning. Nylon and lycra swimmer jockstraps are made for swimmers.

Who was the first swimmer to wear a cap?

johnny weismuller

Why do some people wear 2 swimsuits during practice and one swimsuit during a meet?

So that they think that they're swimsuit is heavy. When they actually go to the meet they swim faster.

Can you wear ballet body suit to swim with?

You can but I wouldn't wear it to ballet class after you swim in it.

How do you Swim naked?

it is possible to swim naked but it depends on where you are. if you're at home in your backyard pool then yes (as long as your family is either okay or not home). if you're in public then it depends on the rules.

What do professional swimmers wear?

Usually they wear speedos and swim caps for girls they wear a "onesie" and also a swim cap

Why do kids swim in clothes?

People wear swim suits for modesty.