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Hind catcher or back catcher.

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Q: Is it bat catcher or back catcher?
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Is it back catcher bat catcher or catcher?

Back Catcher and Catcher are correct. I believe in Canada they are called Back Catchers, but regardless of who says what, they're both still right.

If bat hits glove during swing is it interference?

If the bat strikes the catcher's mitt, the rule is catcher's interference. The batter gains first.

What does the baseball mitt symbolize in catcher in the rye?


Would it be considered throwing the bat if the batter hits the catcher during the follow through?

Not if he is still holding on to the bat. Tell the catcher to back up when this guy comes up. As always, if the umpire determines that the batter is doing the follow through on purpose he has the authority to eject the batter.

What do you call the guy at the back catcher in baseball?

hind catcher. or just catcher.

What happens if you swing a baseball bat and accidentally hit the catcher?

The batter gets to take his base because the catcher has caused interference.

Does catcher's interference count as a plate appearance?

It s a plate appearance, but not an at bat

When you are catcher how do you not blink when the batter swings the bat?

Try super duper hard

What happens if the catcher hits the bat with the ball while attempting to throw out a runner?

If the batter was in the batter's box and did not make an intentional motion with the bat to block the catcher then nothing happens. The ball is still live and in play

In softball on hitting the ball and running the bat can bee thrown anywhere?

No way. I was playing catcher last spring when a batter threw his bat back into me after hitting the ball. I appealed to the ump and he called the guy out, even though he got a hit. Safety first.

What does not count as an official at bat?

Hit by the pitch, sacrifice, base on balls and I believe catcher's interference

What would be better a rolling bat bag or a bat back pack?

A rolling bat bag. i am an experienced player and it is a lot easier on your back

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