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The vast majority of Balks are called on the pitcher, but a Balk can also be called on the catcher. With runners on base, if the catcher steps out of the catcher's box before the pitcher releases the ball, it's Balk on the catcher. When this happens, it is almost always while attempting to give an intentional base on balls.

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Q: What makes a balk?
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A balk is a deceptive movement made by a member of the opposing team to confuse the opponent. A balk is also known as a feint.

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It can't ... a balk can only be committed by a pitcher.

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When in the act of pitching to home plate the pitcher suddenly pitches to first base is that a balk?

Yes that is a balk. If a pitcher makes any movement that is naturally associated with his pitch home, he must deliver a pitch to home, otherwise his movement is a balk. Even if he started his pitching motion to home and then stopped, witout throwing to first, it would be a balk. ---------- However, standing on the mound with the pivot foot in contact with the pitching rubber is not "in the act of pitching," and from that position, before he starts his pitching motion, the pitcher can throw to 1B without it being a balk.

How many balk calls are there?

There is only one call for a balk. When a pitcher is in the stretch and a runner or runners are on base, the pitcher must pause before throwing to homeplate. There can also be a balk called on the pitcher if he makes a move to throw out someone at first base, but doesn't actually throw the ball. (No fake throws to first allowed!) The last reason for a balk to be called is if a pitcher begins to move his front leg towards homeplate, but does not throw the ball to home. (Or simply pitch to the batter). A balk results in baserunners advancing one base.

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