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yes it is 0-1

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Q: Is it an at bat if a batter hits into a fielder choice?
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If a base runner is on first and the batter hits a one hopper to center field and the center fielder throws out the runner headed to second who paused to ensure he did not tag Is it a hit?

This is ruled a Fielder's Choice (FC) in the scorebook. The batter is charged an at-bat, with no hit issued.

Does a batter who hits into a fielders choice and has an rbi get credited with an at bat or is it scored like a sacrifice?

Yes, the batter is credited with an at-bat and scored as a fielders choice.

Does a fielders choice count as an at bat?

Yes. If in the Official Scorer's opinion, the batter would have been out at first base had the fielder chosen to make that play then the play is scored as a fielder's choice. The batter reaches first base safely, but is not credited with a hit and is charged with an at-bat. He's officially 0 for 1 on that play.

How do you officially score a fielder's choice?

A fielder's choice is when a fielder has choosen to make an out on another runner on base when he could of gotten the batter/runner out instead. The batter/runner is safe, therefore reaching base via a fielder's choice. Please note that this counts as an at-bat and goes against the batter's batting average.

Do errors count against your batting average?

If a fielder commits an error on the ball that you hit, you would not receive an at bat (just like getting a walk).errors in baseballNo, errors do nothing to your batting average. Huh?That would depend on the play and situation. If the play was ruled a straight error, like grounding to the shortstop and the shortstop makes a wild throw to first, the batter is charged with an at bat but no base hit. The batter's average would go down. But if the batter gets a base hit to right field and the right fielder boots the ball and the batter makes it to third base, the batter would be credited with a hit and the outfielder would be credited with an error. In that case, the batter's average would go up.

Does fielders choice help the batters batting average?

A fielder's choice is just like an out and lower's a player's batting average since the fielder chose to put out another player instead, usually the lead runner... On the other hand, a sacrifice does not count against the batter because his intention was to advance the runner at his own expense.

Can a fielder's choice result without an out taking place?

Yes. A fielder's choice is when a defensive player plays a ground ball and tries to throw out a runner other than the batter. A fielder's choice can be credited when no out is recorded on the play if the official score keeper determines that the batter would have been out if the play went directly to first. In this case it would be a Fielders Choice and the batter would not be credited with a hit.

Does a fielder's choice count against your batting average?

yes it's an at bat

What is the difference between appearances and at bats when reviewing baseball statistics?

Plate appearances is the total number of times a player has stood at the plate ... regardless of outcome. At-bats are counted when a batter either scores an 'out' or scores a 'hit'. If the batter receives a Base-on-balls, hit by pitch, or reaches base as the result of an error or Fielder's choice, it doesn't count as an at-bat. Batting average is figured as hits/at-bats. On-base percentage is figured as #of times on base / plate appearances This answer is wrong... If the batter reaches base as a result of an error or fielder's choice it still counts as an at bat, if the batter records an out that results in a sacrifice fly it does not count as an at bat. Also a base on balls includes the possibility of hit by pitch in its definition.

Is a batter charged with an at bat when when bases are loaded. the batter hits the ball to the second baseman who throws home and all players are safe?

Yes. This would be recorded as a single on FC which means Fielders Choice. The fielder could have thrown to first base but he threw home instead so the runner was safe on a FC.

If a batter hits the ball and breaks the bat can he still run?

If he puts the ball in play in fair territory, he has no choice but to run, broken bat has nothing to do with it.Phil

A baseball bat is a machine. When a batter swings and hits a ball the batter swinging is the?

The batter swinging the bat.