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Scratch refers to potting the cue ball. But yes, it is a foul if the cue ball does not hit one of your object balls, hits one of your opponents object balls or hits the 8 ball.

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Q: Is it a scratch if the cue ball fails to hit another ball?
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Is it a scratch if the cue ball is hits no other colors?

Under most pool game rules, if the cue ball fails to hit the object ball, or it hits and a ball then does not go in a pocket or hit a rail it is a foul. The other player will get ball in hand.

Where can you put cue ball on a scratch?

Under the standard rules, in 8 ball, the cue ball may be placed anywhere on the table, often referred to as ball-in-hand, on a scratch unless the scratch is on the break. A scratch on the break, if a legal break, results in the cue ball having to be placed behind the head string (the area that you break from).

When you hit the cue-ball in and then you hit a colored ball in does it count?

Hitting the cue ball in is a foul referred to as a scratch. The colored ball does not count under most Rules.

What is a scratch with the cue ball?

In pocket billiards, a scratch is a slang term to refer to a foul where the cue ball either goes into a pocket or leaves the table. After a scratch, the next player gets "ball-in-hand" with the cue ball. This allows them to place the ball anywhere on the table, or, depending upon house rules or if the scratch occurred on the break, placing it behind the head string. In 8 Ball, if the scratch occurs and the 8 ball is pocketed as well, it is a loss of game - under some House Rules, a scratch when shooting the 8 ball is automatic loss of game.

What happens if your pool cue hits a ball after you hit the cue ball?

Technically, is a scratch, but most people will just let you put it back.

Where and when are you allowed to move the cue ball on the pool table?

When a player knocks the cue ball into a pocket or off the table. It is called a scratch. The opposing player then can move the cue ball anywhere he/she wants using only half of the table. The ball can then be knocked into one of the balls only on the other side. You can't hit a ball on the same side as the cue ball after it is placed on the table following a scratch.

What happens whenShooting the cue ball after a scratch?

only on a coin-op table

How do you legally jump the cue ball?

There are two kinds of cue ball jumps, one immediately after the cue strikes the cue ball and one where the cue ball jumps after contact with another object. A legal stroke to jump a cue ball immediately must strike the cue ball above center - this drives the cue ball into the table surface from which it rebounds. Strking the cue ball below center to lift the ball intentionally is called a scoop shot and is a foul. A cue ball can be made to jump after hitting a rail by using extreme draw or follow.

Can you scratch a cue ball on purpose when your opponent has their ball below the area so that they can't hit it directly?

No it becomes automatic ball in hand

What color is the cue ball in pool?

The cue ball is white.The cue ball in pool is white.

What are the terminologies of billiard?

Bridge- The arch formed by the hand that holds and guides the striking end of the cue during play. Break- The very first hit of a new game. Frozen- When a ball is touching the wall or another ball. Kiss- When two or more balls make contact. Billiard World Web Magazine: Glossary of Billiard Terms Miscue- A stroke where the cue's tip slips off the cue ball, usually resulting in a bungled shot. Object ball- The first ball that a cue ball hits. Pocketing or sinking a ball- Getting a ball into a pocket. Scratch- When the cue ballgets hit into a pocket, is hit off the table or fails to hit any balls. Shot- A shot begins when the tip of the cue touches the cue ball and ends when all balls stop rolling. There are various types of shots, but some of the basic ones include: Angle shot- A shot that requires the cue ball to drive the object ball in any other direction other than straight. Bank shot- When you hit a ball off the side of the pool table. Jump shot- When the cue ball or object ball is caused to rise off the bed of the table. Combination shot- When the cue ball hits an object ball, which then deliberately hits a second ball. This is can also be called a carom. Stroke- The movement of the cue as a shot is executed.

What is terminology for a cue ball spinning back after it has hit another ball?

I believe what you're talking about is a draw shot. It is when the player aims lower than the center of the cue ball with his cue tip. When the cue ball is struck below center, it generates a backward spin. When hit, the cue ball is spinning backward and skipping across the felt to the object ball. The cue ball strikes the object ball and because its momentum stops, the ball catches traction and rolls backwards.

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