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It depends; gerenerally if the ball hits the dirt first, it is a wild pitch. A Passed ball is a ball that should have been caught. There is no definitive answer as each scorer has the discretion to call it as they see fit, so while a blocked ball may be ruled a wild pitch by one, it is a passed ball by another. If the runner davances due to the catcher simply being lazy, they are likely to be charged with an error

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Q: Is it a past ball if a catcher blocks a ball but the runners still advance?
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Why is it important for to catcher to catch the ball once the batter misses?

The catcher needs to catch the ball because the ball is still a "live" ball. (Unless it's a foul ball that the catcher wouldn't likely catch that anyway. Any base runners may advance when the ball is "live" at their peril. If the ball is not caught, there isn't much peril to runners running to the next base.

Can a batter be called out on ball 4 for interfering with a catcher's throw?

In a normal Base On Balls call, the catcher wouldn't have to throw the ball. If it's a passed ball or a wild pitch, the batter is still awarded first base and can't do anything else. If there are other runners and they try to advance and the batter interferes after that, he is certainly called out and the runner will have to go back to the base he started from. But on a normal base on balls, the ball is dead and the runners would only advance if they were forced and the catcher wouldn't have to throw the ball anywhere except to the pitcher.

How do you get 2 bases on a walk in baseball?

If the pitched ball four (issuing a walk) gets past the catcher, it is still a "live" ball, and the batter, and any other runners on base, may advance as far as they can. The catcher, or any other defensive player must retrieve the ball to keep it in play and prevent the batter or baserunners from advancing.

Can a runner on third base steal home when the batter gets ball four?

Yes. The game is in play unless someone call time out. Any runner can still advance although if forced, the runner on first or the runners on first and second get free passes. The batter can take his time going to first but all other runners are in play. That's why you never see a catcher trying to catch a the runner going from 1st to second on a steal because on ball 4, if there's an error on the throw, everyone can still advance.

If the catcher catches a foul tip on a first or a second strike can the runner still advance or does he have to go back to his base if he is stealing?

He can advance, it's a live ball if caught sharply and directly.

Why can a hitter run to 1st base if the catcher drops the ball?

The batter can advance because the ball is still live, same as every runner on any base. The catcher must catch the ball directly from the pitcher to complete a strikeout.

Is it back catcher bat catcher or catcher?

Back Catcher and Catcher are correct. I believe in Canada they are called Back Catchers, but regardless of who says what, they're both still right.

If bases are loaded and the batter is tagged out is there still a force out on the other runners?

No, there would be force out. the runners may stay at their current base.

How is the 'infield fly rule' invoked and under what conditions?

If baserunners are at 1st and 2nd base, or the bases are loaded with less than 2 out the umpire may call an "infield fly" if the ball is popped up in the infield area and can be caught with "ordinary" effort by an infielder. If the ball is caught the batter is out and the runners may tag up and advance at their own risk. If the ball is dropped the runners may try and advance to the next base at their own risk (they do not need to tag up/or even advance if they dont want) and the batter is still out. If the umpire fails to call it the rule still apllies. ** Infield fly does not apply to bunts or foul balls -- or line drives.

What happens when strike three goes by and you swung and missed and the catcher drops it?

This play is referred to as "redeye". If a batter misses (or does not swing) at the 3rd strike, and the catcher drops it, the runner must run to first before the catcher throws the dropped pitch to first. If the runner is beaten by the throw, it is simply a strikeout in the books. If the runner beats out the throw, it still goes as a strikeout, but his advance to first will be listed as an error by either the pitcher or the catcher (depending on how bad the pitch was, and the reason it was not caught). In Little League (60 foot basepaths) batter is out on strike three no matter what the catcher does.

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i see the question has improved but not that much ... i still don't no WHOS the catcher throwing to ...

Runner on second is hit by the batted ball while running to third. How is this recorded?

dead ball, the runner is out and the putout goes to the closest fielder...the batter gets credit for a hit and if there are other runners that are forced to advance by the batter getting first (in this case, a runner on first), he gets to advance also...if there are 2 outs, the batter still gets credit for a hit but the inning is over

If a play at the plate the catcher loses their glove on the tag is the runner still out if the ball remains in the glove?

the player is safe. catcher must have control of the ball

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When a fields throws a ball to another and it goes into foul territory on play at first third or home?

Even is the ball goes into foul territory, it is still a live ball, and plays can still be made. However, the case is different when the ball goes into the stand or dead-ball territory, such as the dug out. In this case, the runners would advance two bases without risk of getting out.

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