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In a normal Base On Balls call, the catcher wouldn't have to throw the ball.

If it's a passed ball or a wild pitch, the batter is still awarded first base and can't do anything else. If there are other runners and they try to advance and the batter interferes after that, he is certainly called out and the runner will have to go back to the base he started from.

But on a normal base on balls, the ball is dead and the runners would only advance if they were forced and the catcher wouldn't have to throw the ball anywhere except to the pitcher.

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Q: Can a batter be called out on ball 4 for interfering with a catcher's throw?
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What is to throw a baseball to a batter called?

A Pitch

What is the catchers position in softball?

The catcher crouches behind home plate. They are usually about 1 1/2 to 2 feet behind the plate. The umpire will stand behind them in most cases, and the batter will stand at the plate in front of them. Catchers have to catch the pitches if the batter doesnt hit it. If the hit was didn't go very far or was a baunt, the catcher MIGHT have to grab the ball and throw to third, first, or home (where ever the play is). If it is best to throw home, the pitcher should be covering.

How much latitude does a batter have in leaning over the plate in front of the catcher after a pitch to prevent the throw to 2nd?

Zero. The runner will be called out on batter's interference if the throw is obstructed in any way.

Which quidditch ball do catchers throw through the hoops in Harry Potter?


To throw a baseball to a batter?


What are 4 ways a batter can reach first base?

There are 6 ways a batter can reach first base. Base on Balls - a batter is pitched 4 balls Hit By Pitch Hit a single An error in the field Fielders choice (the fielder got another runner out instead of the batter) If the third strike gets past the catcher the batter can run to first if he can beat the catchers throw.

What is batters interference?

Batter's interference is when the batter interferes with the catcher's ability to throw and catch a ball that is in play. An example of this is if the batter were to obstruct the catcher when a teammate is stealing a base, resulting in the catcher's inability to throw out the runner.

Can a balk be called if a pitcher stops his throw due to a batter awarded time out?

A balk can only be called when the ball is live. If a batter has been awarded time out, then play has stopped, and a balk is impossible. It's safer for the pitcher to complete the pitch, just in case the batter isn't awarded time out.

What does throw to a batter mean?

to pitch the ball over the plate OS the batter can attempt to hit it.

If a ground ball to the infield scores a runner when they throw to first to get the batter is it a sac for the batter?

No, it is scored as a ground out and the batter is credited with an RBI.

Who takes the throw at second base on a double steal?

it would be the same as a regular steal. if a left handed batter is up then the shortstop would take the throw, if a right handed batter is up then the second baseman would get the throw

If a player catches a fly ball and in attempting to throw it to hold a runner but drops the ball is this an error on the player and is the hitter awarded a hit?

If the fielder catches the ball and, during the motion of reaching into the glove to grab the ball to throw, the ball drops to the ground the batter is called out. As long as the fielder has complete control of the ball before attempting to throw, the umpire will call the batter out.

Does the batter have to move out of the way when third base is stolen?

If the batter remains in the batters box he is not required to move. In some instances it might be best not to move, as if you do move and then interfer with the catcher or the throw, you will be called for interference

If a catcher hits a batter with the ball while trying to throw a runner out at third is the runner out?

If the batter showed signs of trying to move out of the way to give the catcher a clear lane to throw then neither the batter or the runner it out. If the batter did not move at all to provide the catcher a throwing lane, then the batter is out, but the runner is safe.

Is runner to 3rd or batter out when batter interfers with throw to 3rd base?

Runner returns to prior base.

How does a batter get called out?

This is pretty complicated so try to follow... 1.)They get three called strikes 2.)They are tagged out 3.) They throw the bat 4.)They use an illegal bat for the legue they are in

To throw a baseball to a batter and it is a 5 letter word?


How many ways can baseball player reach first base without swinging the bat?

1. BB (walk) or Intentional Walk 2. Hit By Pitch 3. Pinch Runner 4. Three called strikes (On the 3rd strike, the ball gets by the catcher and the batter beats any throw to first base 5. Catcher Interference-The batter starts to swing but his bat hits the catchers mitt

What are the poles called that the Scots throw?

The pole that Scots throw is called a "caber."

Can a pitcher throw right and left handed to same batter?


What is a backside throw?

In baseball, a backside throw is the rotation of the knee and lower body of the side of the batter away from the pitcher during a swing.

How do you throw a tailing fast ball?

a tailing fastball is also called a two-seam fastball. and you grip it parallel to the seams on the thinnest part of the seams. if you throw it hard enough, it will tail. if you are a right handed pitcher, it will tail in to a right handed batter.

What do you do when to much salt in cookie batter?

Double the recipe or throw it out and start over.

Why do catchers throw to third base after a strikeout?

I have played baseball my entire life, mainly as a catcher. This is simply a way to keep the energy of the game going. It is commonly called "round the horn", and the Catcher will throw to Third, Third to Second, and Second to Short, then back to the pitcher. It is a way to keep the infield peppy and active; sort of a very mild celebration for a strikeout. It is also done on a ground out, where the First baseman will throw to SS, SS to 2B, then 2B to 3B. You will rarely (if ever) see a throw around the horn if baserunners are on base. This is because of the high chance of a wild throw.

What are the characteristics of baseball?

The answer is you pitch the ball the batter hits it the batter runs then the fielders field the ball throw it 2 the base and if the balls get there before the batter is out he's out if it is the other way he's safe.