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Q: Is it a backcourt violation if the inbounds pass in the offensive zone is passed into the backcourt?
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Ball is being passed inbounds from the back-court and the player jumps from the front-court receives the ball while in the air and lands in the back-court is this a back-court violation?

No. A backcourt violation is when a back row player attacks the ball from above the height of the net while in front of or having jumped from in front of the 10 foot line.

What should the officials do if a player from team A dribbles the ball into team B's court and then passes back in team A's court?

The officials would call a backcourt violation. It is illegal to bring the ball into the backcourt once the ball has passed the midcourt line.

What is a 10 second violation?

Also know as Backcourt Voilation, it is when a player or the ball does not pass the halfcourt line in ten seconds. If the line is not passed in the ten seconds, it results in a turnover and the other team gets the ball.

Is it legal for a basketball player to hold the ball with one leg in the backcourt and one on the frontcourt?

If they have already passed over half court and they stick the other leg behind the line, then no. But if they haven't yet passed the line, then yes.

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Ya because ya

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After 18 months from day date of violation, NOT the date of conviction. Once 18 months have passed from the date of violation, the points will be removed from the license OR you can take DMV approved accident prevention course to remove upto 4 points even 18 months have not passed.

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The word euphamism refers to the use of an offensive term in substitution of one that is inoffensive such as "passed away" which is considered inoffensive compared to "died" which can be offensive.

What constitutes a legal catch in the NFL.?

A receiver must have possession of the ball with both feet inbounds for a catch to be legal. A rule passed for the 2008 season has eliminated the 'force out' as a legal catch. Prior to the 2008 season, if a receiver was in the air when catching the ball and a defender hit him and knocked him out of bounds before he landed the referee could allow the catch to stand by ruling the receiver would have landed inbounds had he not been forced out of bounds by the hit. Now, that ruling has been eliminated.

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