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There are several violations in Basketball that are called back court violations:

1) The offensive team has 8 seconds (NBA) or 10 seconds (college) to bring the ball from the back court to the front court after inbounding. If the offensive team cannot advance the ball from the back court to the front court in the time allotted, a back court violation is called.

2) Once the offensive team brings the ball across the mid court line, they may not pass the ball to a teammate who is behind the mid court line. This is also commonly called an 'over and back violation'.

3) Should an offensive player lose control of the ball in the front court, due to their own error, and the ball cross the mid court line back into the back court , the offensive team cannot regain possession of the ball without having a back court violation (over and back) called.

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Q: If the defensive team tips the ball away in the frontcourt but the offensive team tips it after that wo regaining possessionThen the offensive team recovers the ball in the backcourt. Who's ball?
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