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Backcourt Violation

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Back Court violation.

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Q: Moving the ball into the back court once it has been advanced to the front court is called what?
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A weather front that is not moving is called?

Stationary Front.

What is the half of the court which contains my basket called?

The front court.

What is a front that is moving called?

A front that does not move is called a stationary front. There is only 4 types of fronts. There's a startionary front, a occluded front, a cold front, and a warm front.

What is the front called that is fast moving and creates aburpt weather changes?

A cold front.

What are the two front boxes in the tennis court called?

Its called middle square

Do you have to speak in front of everyone in the court?

If you are called upon to testify, you will have to speak from the witness stand in open court.

Is the leading edge of an air mass called a front?

The leading edge of a mass of air with certain, uniform moisture and temperature characteristics is called a front. i.e. The leading edge of a relatively warm air mass is called a warm front. The leading edge of a cooler air mass is called a cold front.

What is it called if a weather front is essentially not moving?

The term is "stationary front" although it may still be moving, just not on a continuing line toward or away from the center of one pressure system (i.e. cold front, warm front).

What is the event caused by the moon moving across the front of the sun?

its called an eclipse

Masses of air moving is called what?

A Front ; see related link below .

What is The fastest moving front is?

a cold front is the fastest moving front

In basketball which court is the half of the court that includes the other teams basket?

Half court is 47 feet away from the basket.