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well of course ;)

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Q: Is hockey still in the modern olympic games?
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What ancient sports are still in the modern games olympic?

Discus and javelin.

What were the similarities between the ancient Olympic games and the modern games?

By both of the games they still have discus, javelin and wrestling. they also have wresteling.

Is basketball still an olympic sport 2012?

Yes, basketball is still an Olympic sport. The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London.

Where will the athletes go if te olympic games ended?

If the olympic games ended they would still do what they are doing like training but they just couldn't go in the olympic games.

Was Tug-of-War an Olympic sport?

Yes. Tug-of-war competitions were held at every one of the first five modern Olympic Games. It is still recognised as a sport by the OPC, and could hypothetically make a comeback.

What is the largest winning margin in an olympic hockey game?

The highest winning margin in an Olympic field hockey game was shared by England, beating Ireland in London 1908, and India, beating Germany in 1936 Berlin. Both had a margin of 7, with a final score of 8-1, and were for the Gold medal.The Highest Margin of victory in an Olympic field hockey game was achieved by India in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic games. India won by a world record score of 24-1 that still stands...

What happens to the Olympic pool when all games finish?

Still used as an Olympic pool for practice and events.

Which ancient Olympic events are still in the modern Olympics?

the running, wrestilng, javilen and long jump are in the modern Olympics

What is the history and the significance of the Olympic torch?

The Olympic Flame, Olympic Fire, Olympic Torch, Olympic Light, Olympic Eye, and Olympic Sun is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, when a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics. The fire was reintroduced at the Olympics in 1928, and it has been part of the modern Olympic Games ever since. The modern torch relay was introduced by Carl Diem, president of the Organisation Committee for the Berlin Games of 1936, as part of an effort to turn the games into a glorification of the Third Reich [1]. But despite its Nazi origin, the torch ceremony is still practised as of 2006.

What did the ancient Greeks invent that we still use today?

The Olympic Games.

Why do we still have the olympic games from Greece?

because we want to keep the tradition going.

What do Indias play?

They play hockey. They don't play baseball. The famous sport for the Indians is hockey. They also play lot of cricket games, but still they play hockey a lot.

What is some ancient or modern day olympic events?

Ancident Olympic events still existing today include: Marathon Javelin throw Wrestling

Whatever happened to the decathlon?

It is still an important event at the Olympic Games. The decathlon at the 2008 Games in Beijing will take place on August 21 and 22 at the Beijing Olympic Stadium.

Is hockey the national game of India?

Yes, 'Field Hockey' is the national game of India. India won his first gold medal of hockey in the 1928 olympic. From 1928 to 1960; straight 32 years, India was the Olympic gold medalist in hockey, having 8 gold medals. In 1960 Pakistan won the gold and India bagged silver medal. Again in 1964 and 1980 India won the gold. Late Major Dhyanchand is still remembered as 'Hockey Wizard' in the hockey-world.

Which ancient Olympic sports are still in today's modern Olympics?

Shot put, javelin, discus, running, wrestling.

What are the countries that are involved in the youth olympic games 2010?

The 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games (officially known as I Summer Youth Olympic Games) is the inaugural Youth Olympic Games and will be held in Singapore between 14 - 26 August 2010. The entries have not yet been received for this yet as it is still over a year away so it is not known which countries will be involved

Is curling still a olympic sport?

Yes. Curling has been an Olympic sport since the Nagano games in 1998. There is a men's division and a women's division.

What were the ancient traditions of the Olympic Games that are still used today?

the opening ceremony is still a grand start to the olympics that was started in ancient greece

Did we hold the 1948 summer games in great Britain?

Yes the Olympic Games was held in London in 1948, it was nicknamed the Austerity Games because after the war Britain was still on food rationing. There was no Olympic village, the contestants stayed in wartime barracks. The Americans brought their own food. You can see the opening ceremony if you google 1948 Olympic Games.

What symbol of the ancient games is still presented at the modern Olympics?

5 rings

What symbol of the anicent games is still presented at the modern Olympics?

the five rings

Is there any end to the Olympic games?

No,it will still go on till the end of the world.: The Olympic Games are run every 4 years and so long as there is marketing or governments trying to prove that they are racially superior through the efforts of their sports people there will be the Games.

How is the Olympic Stadium in Sydney still making money after the games?

The Olympic Stadium in Sydney, Australia is still making money after the games by hosting other sporting events. Soccer, rugby, and cricket matches are all hosted. In addition, music concerts are occasionally held in the stadium.

How long did Dion Phaneuf play hockey?

He is still playing hockey