Is hockey or tennis better

Updated: 10/21/2022
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tennis is WAY better! it is funner too.

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Q: Is hockey or tennis better
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Which sports are better in 2010?

I think Cricket, hockey, football, tennis and many other sports.

What is more popular ice hockey or tennis?

Ice hockey is more watched do I think ice hockey :)

Why the tennis ball is faster as hockey puck?

because the tennis has more bounce in it your welcome

What are some games that use nets?

-Tennis -Lacrosse -Hockey -Soccer -Field Hockey -Basketball and Many More

In what will Michael Diamond be participating in the Summer Olympics 2008?

swimming and hockey and rugby and tennis and roller hockey and ice hockey.......

What are 3 things athletes do?

Basketball, Tennis, and Hockey.

What five sports are included in the oylmpic games?

Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Field Hockey.

What are the release dates for Tennis Soccer Hockey Cocktail Table - 1975 VG?

Tennis Soccer Hockey Cocktail Table - 1975 VG was released on: USA: 1975

What country did Tennis originate from?

Hockey and tennis are two different sports, one of which was based in France and the other which has been played for thousands of years in some form in most of the world. there is no recognised sport called 'hockey tennis', though (unless you refer to forceback, which can appear similar to the rallies of a tennis game).

What sport would you need the skill of agility in?

Soccer, Hockey, Tennis

2009 top grossing sports in the world?

Soccer, Tennis, Hockey,

What sports have 6 letters in their name?

soccer, tennis