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lol yes

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Q: Is hockey harder than Figure Skating?
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Is Ice skating more popular then Figure skating?

Figure skating is a type of ice skating. It's like asking "Is a Ferrari more popular than a car?" A Ferrari is a type of car. Ice skating includes figure skating, speed skating, ice dancing, ice hockey, any type of activity where you move across the ice on skates. So, ice skating would have more participants because it includes more activities than just figure skating.

Is figure skating and ice skating different?

Yes, figure skating and ice skating are different. Hockey is a more challenging sport than figure skating. However, you may receive severe injuries in both sports. In ice hockey, you may have to slam against each other, and search for the small puck to score a goal. Ice hockey is also more of a sport that involves teamwork. Figure skating is a more elegant, sophisticated sport. You may have a partner, you may not. You have to preform various artistic movements and you will be judged on how flawlessly you preform them. In ice hockey, you will be judged on how many scores your team gets during the game.

Is figure skating better then hockey?

Figure skating has better skating skill than hockey. However, hockey is a team sport and game, and figure skating is an "art" and to learn it, you pretty much have to go through the rigors you'd do in learning any other art. It's actually very similar to lots of martial arts, the skill sets needed. Hockey, though, is a fun game, like soccer, and different skills are needed for that game, like stick handling, ability to work on a team, etc, that figure skating wouldn't require. One thing, though, that people don't realize, in a race, equivalent level figure skater and hockey player, the figure skater will usually win against the hockey player, the better technique from figure skating would make a better hockey player for sure, just both sides usually never want to try each other's sport.

Is figure skating harder than hockey?

There is really no correct answer to this question. It depends on what each person thinks. Figure skating is hard because you've got to be able to twirl and then stop twirling and not get dizzy, and also executing jumps perfectly. In hockey, you have to be able to slam into players and continue on, and focus on a small puck while focusing on keeping it under you control. --- In my experience, figure skaters tend to be able to beat hockey players in races, but hockey is a game in and of itself, which skating is only a part of, however, figure skaters are usually better skaters, but you could be the best skater in the world and still not good at playing on a team, handling a puck, etc.

Is rollerblading harder than ice skating?


Is hockey harder than dance?

much harder :)

Other than curling what are the only other three winter Olympic sports held indoors?

Speed skating (long track and short track), ice hockey, and figure skating.

Witch is harder football or hockey?

It would probably be hockey. You need to learn to skate, skate with a stick, control the puck. In football, you have to learn to throw/catch the ball, but running is easier than skating.

Is hockey harder than volleyball?


Is figure skating more popular than gymnastics?

Figure skating is more popular than Gymnastics in North America,I don't know about the rest.

Do hockey players learn figure skating?

No, they learn power skating and balancing. they learn to skate in all directions and manners with strong emphasis on balance,stability and speed. Figure skating implies grace and artistic form, both of which are not necessary for hockey players and aren't taught to any hockey player I've ever seen Generally, hockey players do not learn figure skating. But that is not strictly true. Some professional hockey coaches have hired figure skaters to teach the weaker skaters to cut figures on the ice both clockwise and counterclockwise. The purpose of cutting these figures is to bring about improved balance (most players are weaker at turning in one direction than the other) thereby producing quicker acceleration and reducing falls.

Is gymnastics better than figure skating?


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