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Q: Is getting a follow up mammogram of asymmetric fibroglandular tissue needed?
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What follow-up is recommended for a BIRADS 3 result from a mammogram?

A follow-up mammogram within a short interval of six months is suggested.

If ultra sound is ordered does that mean doctor saw something on mammogram?

An ultrasound is ordered if the radiologist sees a suspicious area on your mammogram. Often this is dense tissue, but, still, you should follow up rather than taking the order casually.

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Compare x-ray monogram to sonogram monogram?

it is a mammogram uses xrays and is cheaper and detects cysts etcand their exact locationssonography or breast ultrasounds can detect if the cyts is a solid or liquidand can get right inside of the cyst found on the mammogramboth exams work well together making it helpful in the diagnosisif your doctor has ordered either it is best to follow orders

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