Is gas paintball guns better than electric?

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2011-06-21 05:08:05

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all paintball guns run on gas. some have electric triggers so they can shoot faster.

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2011-06-21 05:08:05
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Q: Is gas paintball guns better than electric?
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What is better for training the military airsoft guns or paintball guns?

If a military is not using simunitions, they use paintball. The negative feedback of getting hit and it showing along with the ability to use powder or water rounds make it a much better option than airsoft.

Why paintball guns are better than BB guns?

This is an opinion question. Each has their own following and each is equally satisfying to the individual user. So there is no "Better" category, Just followers of the individual sports.

Are lazer tag guns heavier than paintballguns?

Places that have rented lazer tag guns are heavier than paintball guns. cheap plastic guns are lighter.

Does a paintball fired from a paintball gun travel faster than a BB fired from an Airsoft gun?

No. Paintball guns at a maximum of 300 feet per second. Most mid grade AEG (automatic electric guns) shoot 350-400 and some spring "sniper" rifles can travel over 500 feet per second, especially with lightweight .12 gram bb's.

What one is better mongoose ii 2 led bbs paintball gun or spyder sonix 09 paintball gun?

While both of them are truly poor quality guns, The better one in this case would be the mongoose just because it has eyes, which will cut down on the amount of paint you will chop. I would recommend however that you look at the Azodin Kaos which is of much better general quality than sypder or diablo guns.

At how much FPS do most paintball guns shoot?

All paintball fields force a strict rule of no higher than 300-350 FPS. About the speed of Airsoft.

What website or store is the best for buying NEW paintball guns?

i would suggest even though they sell more airsoft than paintball, it is still good.

Are machine guns better than Gatling guns or Gatling guns better than machine guns?

Yes, machine guns are better than Gatling guns because they fire more bullets faster than Gatling guns. Gatling guns need to have bullets and have to be hand cranked at the same time but machine guns does not need to be hand cranked. Machine guns only need bullets.

Are aluminum paintball guns light?

They are lighter than the old Steel ones, but not as light as aluminum/composite ones.

Are electric ovens better than gas?

Yes, electric ovens better than gas.

Does bb gun hurt more than paintball gun?

It dose depend on the power of the guns but most of the time. YES!

Are c02 paintball gun stronger than nos paintball guns?

Firstly No paintball gun runs on NOS, its HPA (high Pressure Air) which is a mixture of primarily Nitrogen (with 21% oxygen), but is NOT Nitrogen dioxide. Secondly, all guns, no matter what their propellant gas, are set to a Feet per second limit of shooting, usually290 FPS.

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