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No it is not an Olympic sport.

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Q: Is free jumping now an Olympic sport?
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Related questions

Is snow boarding a olympic sport?

Yes it is now a sport at the Olympic Games.

Will lacrosse ever become an Olympic sport?

lacrosse actually is an olympic sport as of now

Is chess an olympic sport?

It now is a sport and it will be included 2016 Olympics. Personally, I don't think chess should be a sport.

Is rugby an Olympic sport?

It was once, in the 20th century but it now is not.

If skateboarding is an extreme sport how come it's not an Olympic sport?

The Olympic committee has not yet chosen it as an Olympic sport. There would have to be judges that could define what was the best in the sport. Since snow boarding is now part of the Olympics, it is highly likely we will see skateboarding as part of the summer Olympics soon.

What olympic sport will Australia not be competing in this year for the first time?

I dont now

The first softball team to win an olympic medal?

Softball was introduced as an Olympic medal sport for women in 1996. The United States won the gold medal at those Olympic Games held in Atlanta. As of now, softball is scheduled to be discontinued as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Games in Beijing.

What was the spectator sport in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and is now an Olympic event in 2008?

Beach Vollyball

Why did speed skating become a olympic sport?

When a sport becomes very popular it will/can be looked at by the Olympic council, some sports, like UFC are very popular, but will not be in the Olympics because of the violence and such. Speedskating became very popular, and was accepted, so now it is in the Olympics.

What is the best physical sport to be played by everybody?

basketball because there is lots of running and jumping you get hurt every now and then too

How long has table tennis been an Olympic sport?

Table tennis competition has been in the Summer Olympic Games since 1988. They now have both singles and doubles events for men and women.

Why was dressage invented?

Dressage was invented for the best interest of the horse and humans pleasure activity's also being now a renowned Olympic sport

What olympic games did they play in the past they do not play now?

they used to play lacrosse a sport that is were you trough a ball to a player and you have to catch it with a special polo stick

Is belly dancing an Olympic sport?

No, belly dance is not a Olympic sport. It is one of the oldest dance forms started in the middle east and now combines influences from Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Morocco and Lebanon. It is also involve breathing exercises and help you with your posture. It works whole body like exercise but particularly good for legs, waist and hips.

How many people die each year from fishing accidents?

Fishing it now the most dangrous sport. More people die of fishing then they do of ski-ing, ski-diving, base jumping and snowboarding all put together. Approxamitly 100,000,000,000 people die

How has composites been an aid in the olympic sport of speed skating?

Light weight and strong helmets, boots, protective clothing can now be used due to use of composite materials

How come bowling is still not part of Olympics?

Just as many other sports, each sport must petition the Olympic Sports Committee to get approval to be an Olympic sport. There is usually a political aspect to making this decision as well as the popularity of the sport. Many countries, including the USA, have been petitioning the Olympic Sports Committee. Years ago, the US was not able to be considered eligible for Olympic participation in Bowling because there were three national organizations that governed bowling in the US (ABC, WIBC and YABA). In 2005, the three organizations merged to become the USBC, which will now allow the US to help work towards this goal.

What is the different between the modern olympic games and the ancient Olympic games?

- They were playing in naked but right now they are wearing Olympic clothes. - Right now it changed lots of designs. - In Ancient Olympic they didn't had torch relay, in modern Olympic they have torch relay. - In Ancient Olympic they didn't had a flag, but right now we have the six colorful ring flag.

Who has made the Olympic A standard?

There are nearly countless athletes that have hit Olympic A standard. should have a pretty good list of the top track athletes in the world right now, and is the equivalent for swimming. To get world rankings for other sports try searching the web for (sport) international organization.

How much did the new Beijing National stadium cost?

The Beijing National Stadium cost over 2 million Yuan. It was built for the 2008 Olympic games but is now at tourist attraction and sport center.

Has Canada won the 2010 Olympic games apparently the IOC declares the country with the most golds to be the winner of the games?

It depends what sport you're talking about! Right now I believe the US has the most overall medals though.

What part of the world is lacrosse played in?

Lax is played all over the world, most specifically in North America, where it was founded. As of right now it is played in 36 countries worldwide. It needs 40 to become an Olympic sport.

What do Olympic and Olympian mean?

olympic is sports at the olympic games. now i hope you seen the olympic games because i ain't gonna tell what the olympic games is.a olympian is a greek god i believe

Is horse jumping now banned?

Ummmm, no. Why would you think that?

How does someone play the Sand game?

Beach Volleyball is sometimes referred to as the Sand game. This is now an Olympic sport played by two teams of two players on sand court divided by a net. The basic rules are the same as in indoor volleyball.