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No. Males of all ages play hockey around the world. Only in the US is Field Hockey restricted to females.

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Q: Is field hockey only for girls?
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Most watched girls sport in the world?

field hockey

Is indoor hockey an Olympic sport?

No, only ice hockey and field hockey are.

Was field hockey originally called field hockey?

No. Originally "field hockey" was not called that, as at the time of origin there was only one type of hockey with variations, played around the world. Outside of America and Canada field hockey is known by its original and formal name of hockey. It is only after the popular growth of ice hockey and roller hockey in North America that the word "field" was added to distinguish it.

What is the difference between floor hockey and field hockey?

Floor hockey is played with hockey sticks and either a ball or puck on hard, flat, floor. Field hockey, on the other hand, is mainly played by girls. It consists of using a wooden curved field hockey stick and is played with a hard ball in a grassy field.

Why do girls only play field hockey?

Boys do play hockey, I'm 12 year old boy and i'm playing a match tommorow. It goes up to Olympic level to.

What came first field hockey or ice hockey?

Field hockey variants have been played for thousands of years; ice hockey was only begun in the 18th century.

Why do you have to wear skirts in field hockey?

Most leagues and competitions require that females wear skirts, but there is nothing in the rules of hockey that says a player must wear one. only girls if they want to

What sports can girls play with out guys?

Volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, softball, field hockey, hockey, and barrel racing are all sports girls can participate in without guys.

Do they use helmets in hockey?

yes they do for ice hockey and only for the goalie for field hockey and i don't know about ball hockey

Is hockey only for boys?

Girls can play 2

What is the national sport of New Zealand's women and girls?

Netball followed by field hockey

Are there any sports that accept 11 year old girls who are chubby?

Field hockey.

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