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1) Field Hockey

2) Softball


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Q: What sports are just for girls?
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Why girls are not good in sports?

Sorry just have to disagree with this ; girls are just as good as boys

Is it true that boys sports for girls too?

yes any sports game can be for girls and not just for boys.

Do girls get hurt in coed sports?

Just as much as guys do.

How many girls play boy sports?

Quite a lot, but there's no such thing of boy sports, people just call them boy sports because more boys play it than girls. all sports are made for girls and boys.

Why aren't girls physically capable of playing male sports?

Girls play male sports all the time you just don't see it often

How many girls don't play sports?

There are many girls, just like with boys, who do not play sports throughout the world. It is impossible to come up with an exact number.

How are sports important to girls?

Sports/exercising is important to everyone, not just guys. Girls need to be healthy too. Sports are important to girls because they can help burn carbohydrates, which is great for everyone. Sports can also be a big part of a girl's life. like guys, girls also enjoy playing sports. being healthy is great, and so is being active! THAT'S why sports are important to girls. Also sports is a great way to socialize with people and to make friends which a lot of girls like to do. Hope this helps!!! :)

Should girls be aloud on boys' sports teams?

Of course girls should be aloud to play on boys' sports teams. There is no reason why they shouldn't be aloud to. Girls have just as many rights and was boys do. Just because girls may not be big or may be as aggressive as what boys are doesn't mean that girls aren't as good..

What are unique and cool sports for girls?

Girls love to be inspired. They also like to be impressed. Best sports for them is Basketball or Football. But If you are a girl just find a sport that you really like.Some great sports for girls are:GymnasticsSoccerBasketballVolleyballTrack and FieldHockey (Yes, girls can play hockey as well as boys!)Fencing (Girls fencing)CheerleadingSwimming/DivingIce SkatingTae Kwon DoFootball (Yes, there is Girl's Football)YogaSoftballDanceLacrosseTennisPole VaultingRemember, there are not such thing as "girl sports," just find a sport that suits you.

What the best sport for girls to do?

Girls can play most sports. Girls can play any sports they want, just depending on what you like. I personally like soccer and cheerleading. Basketball, track, and softball are fun also.

Are boys sports better than girls sports?

not in all sports. girls are usually better in tennis

What is a sport that only girls play that mostly uses their legs?

Girls play many sports that statement is just a generalization.

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