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Emmitt Smith's father, Emmit Smith Jr. is not deceased. His father still resides in Pensacola Florida were he grew up.

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Q: Is emmitt smith's father dead
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What was emmitt smiths dad name?

Emmitt Smith Jr.

Who are emmitt smiths siblings?

alex smith

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18,355 Yards

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What are emmitt smiths college stats?

1 million yards and 1 million passing yards

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What is Emmitt Smith's father's name?

Emmit Smith Jr.

Who is emmit smiths father?

Mr. Smith

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Mary Smith (mother). He had no father growing up.

Did Emmitt Smith have any siblings?

No he did not. He was lonley growing up with no father or siblings.

Who is Emmitt Smith?

emmitt smith

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Who is emmitt smith dad?

emmitt smith

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emmitt smith

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