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Emmitt Smith attended the University of Florida.

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Q: Did emmitt smith go to Florida State or the University of Florida?
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Which college did Emmitt Smith attend?

Emmitt Smith played football for the University of Florida between 1987-1989.

What is the name of emmitt smith college?

University of Florida.

Did Emmitt Smith ever attend the University of Alabama?

No, he attended the University of Florida.

What number jersey did emmitt smith wear at the University of Florida?


Why did Emmitt Smith have the number 22?

It was his number as a college player at the University of Florida in the late 1980s.

Why did Emmitt Smith wear the number 22?

It was his number as a college running back at the University of Florida.

Where did emmitt smith play college football at?

He was a running back at the University of Florida. He was also #22 on this team.

Is emmitt smith a member of phi beta sigma?

Yes, Zeta Kappa chapter at The University of Florida

Where did Emmitt Smith grow up?

Emmitt Smith was in Pensacola, Florida on May 15 1969

Where was Emmitt Smith born?

Pensacola, Florida.

What college did Emmitt Smith attend?


Is emmitt smith's father dead?

Emmitt Smith's father, Emmit Smith Jr. is not deceased. His father still resides in Pensacola Florida were he grew up.

Who drafted emmitt smith?

The Dallas Cowboys drafted the University of Florida running back with the 17th pick of the 1990 National Football League draft.

Who is the Florida gators all time leading rusher?

Emmitt Smith

What great running backs in the NFL was born in Florida?

Emmitt Smith

Who is Emmitt Smith?

emmitt smith

Who is emmitt smith dad?

emmitt smith

What middle school did emmitt smith go to?

Brownsville middle school in Pensacola Florida. I was there when he was

Where did Emmett Smith play high school football?

Emmitt Smith attended Escambia High School in Pensacola, Florida.

How much money does emmitt Smith have?

emmitt smith

What high school did emmitt smith attend?

He attended Escambia high school in Pensacola,Florida

Does emmitt smith have MySpace?

yes Emmitt smith has Myspace

What is emmitt smith's fathers name?

Emmitt Smith Jr.

Emmitt Smith wore what number?

Emmitt Smith wore 22.

How many kids does emmitt smith have?

Emmitt smith has four children