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Yes, coordination is needed in pretty much every sport. If you don't have coordination, you won't be able to hit it right.

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Q: Is coordination needed in volleyball
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Why is coordination not needed in football?

Coordination is definitely needed in football.

Why is coordination needed in boxing?

Coordination is needed in MOST sports!

Why do you need coordination in volleyball?

Due to the introvertical side of the game you need coordination to be able to kick the ball hard into the air. Digging or passing the ball is essential in volleyball and in order to pass the ball you need to have good coordination. In other words you can't be tight, you need to be loose.

Why is Coordination needed in football?

because ..

Why do yo need coordination to play volleyball?

If you dont have hand eye coordination, you will see the ball but not hit it. It might hit your head if you are not carefull!

What Equipment is needed to play vollyball?

AnswerA net, volleyball, ref and players are needed to play volleyball.

What kind of things do you use in volleyball?

Hand/eye coordination, instantaneous reactive algebraic equations, stamina, and aerobic exercise are necessary for competing at volleyball.

Why is coordination needed?

so you dont get owned!

How many people were needed for volleyball?

it needed at least 2

What materials are needed in playing volleyball?

... a court,a volleyball,net and 2 stands.

What are the things you need in volleyball?

-Obviously, a volleyball. -Gym shoes are needed for indoor volleyball, and no shoes are needed for beach volleyball. Socks are a must if you are wearing gym shoes. -Knee Pads are not required for indoor volleyball, but they really do help a lot. -Hair up in a ponytail with a headband (If allowed). -Water -A Uniform, if needed/required

Why volleyball good for you?

you can get good hand-eye coordination and will keep you in shape And it helps you be quick and light on your feet

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