Is bmx fun

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I ride BMX, I race and do freestyle. I also do downhill mountain biking. BMX is one of the greatest joys I have in my life. It's like football to us. you can never get enough of it. So to answer your question. Yeah it's FUN!

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Q: Is bmx fun
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Related questions

Why do you seek thrills in bmx racing?

The speed the fun jumps

Why was bmx invented?

Because it looked like fun.

What are the benefits of riding bmx?

its fun and yuo win

Why should i do bmx?

Because you think its' fun would be a good reason.

Is bmx racing the next big sport?

Yes its very fun.

Why was bmx racing invented?

Basically b/c people thought it would be fun.

Why are bmx bikes so popular?

Because they are for stunts and ramps and a lot of people such as me take interest in that because they are fun and bmx's are also a fashion item/ they are "cool".

Why do people BMX?

It's fun and lets you show off to people who don't ride :)

Should you get your child a BMX bike?

there is nothing wrong with bmx bikes they are fun to ride as long as it is done safely but if your child wants to ride around at skateparks watch out for innertube bills!

How many people have bmx bikes?

loads of people have them you should get one there fun to use and learn tricks

Is it skary to ride a bmx?

if you know what you're doing, then no. i have fun bmxing and i get nervous when i perform a trick on something. but just overcome your fear.

What is the best website to make your own bmx bike?

you can buy a bmx frame, bmx parts and bmx wheels and bars from most online bmx shops.

How do you convert an ordinary bike into a bmx bike?

We used to convert our old Schwinn Stingray's to BMX bikes, and they were extremely heavy, but bulletproof. The bikes made today aren't built as sturdy as the old Schwinns were but that doesn't mean you can't convert a bike and have fun with it. Modern BMX's are built from first assembly to be rugged and strong, that can't be added on later.

Should you get a bmx to do tricks if none of your friends have a bmx?

Depends on how fun you think riding will be, and how fun you think your friends are. Riding more will mean you won't see as much of your friends, unless they start riding too. But if there are other riders around, getting a bike and starting to ride is a great way to make some friends in that crowd instead.

Is skateboarding better than bmx?

Both can be very fun. Skateboarding might be a little harder for beginners, but it's awesome when you get the hang of it.

Is racing bmx hard?

It's as hard as you want it to be. To be a competitive winner it can be as tough as anything, to ride for fun you can simply try as hard or as little as you wish.

Who is margie the scooterbee beeler?

a cute fun loving girl that is great at bmx she had been number one in the state of oregon since she was 5 and she is 11

How do you spell bmx?

you spell it BMX

Is voodoo bmx a good bmx?


What is better soccer or bmx?


Is haro a bmx brand?

Yes, Haro is a BMX brand. A great BMX brand, no less.

What is bmx zone?

It is where bmx rider race.

How did Blake Michael learn how to do BMX tricks?

a bmx class

What are the pros and cons of being a bmx riders?

pro:Bmx is a fun, cheap sport(compared to motocross) con: many skateparks in the USA dont allow bikes to get in

What type of sport is freestyle BMX?

Freestyle BMX is another name for BMX stunt riding . BMX is a special bicycle designed for doing stunts. There are 5 main disciplines in the BMX sport and they are trails, flatland, vert , street and park.