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yes, he is considered out as if he is not considered out ,,, every batsman will smash stumps out of the ground,,, just kidding according to rule described by cricket god (mcc cricket clup) it's out

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Q: Is batsman declared out.'if he crashes into the stumps while completing a run'?
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When batsman uproots his stumps attempting to hit the ball he is out as?

hit wicket..........

What is the width of a cricket wicket?

If by wickets, you mean the stumps, then the stumps (including the bails on top) are 28.5 inches. However if you mean the wicket, being the pitch, then it is 20 metres between the stumps. 1.2m in front of the stumps is the batsman's crease. The distance between the two batsman's creases will be 17.6m.

If a batsman runs towards the nonstriker and falls on the stumps is he out?

If you mean the batsman on strike hits the ball then runs to the other end to complete a single, but accidentally knocks over the stumps at the non-strikers (bowlers) end, while running through, s/he is not out.

What is clean bowled?

it is clean means when the batsman misses the ball and it hits the stumps

What are the rules for lbw in cricket?

This rule is fairly complex, a basic overview of the rule is provided below: - The ball hits the batsman in front of the stumps before hitting his/her bat and in the opinion of the umpire, if it had not been blocked by the batsman's body, would have gone on to hit the batsman's stumps. - In practice there are a number of subtleties to the rule, for example: * If the ball hits the batsman outside the line of the off stump and the batsman was playing a genuine shot (but missed the ball), then he cannot be given out. * If the ball pitches outside the line of the leg stump, the batsman can never be given out, even if he does not play a shot. More information about cricket can be found here:

What is the LBW term in cricket?

If the ball hits the batsman's pad (on his leg) and is "hitting" the stumps (so if the batsman wasn't there, it would hit the stumps) then it is out.

What is umpair decision when a batsman stumps on a no ball without attempting run?

no other reply by the umpire than not out...............

Do you have to hit the ball on the stump or can you hit the wickets with your wicket keepting gloves when you are trying to get a run out?

In cricket there are currently 11 ways to get "out". The most recognizable is when the ball strikes the stumps and the bails are dislodged from the stumps. The ball can hit the stumps but if the bails are not dislodged then the player is not out. the hit can be delivered directly by the bowler, called bowled out or an out feilder can throw the ball and hit the stumps before the players bat is in contact with the ground inside the crease. If i nthe act of attempting a run it is called run out. If the batsman is merely outside the crease in the act of attempting a shot for example it is called being stumped. If the batsman makes contact with the ball and it strikes his stumps he has played on. If the facing batsman strikes the ball and it strikes the non facing batsmans stumps and he is outside the crease the non facing batsman is not out unless the ball strikes another player before striking the stumps.

What do stump means in cricket?

They are called semi tries they are made of wood. correct that is

What ways can you be out in cricket?

there are so many Ways: when the batsman fail to play the ball and it hit to stump that called bowled. The ball hit the bat and the ball caught by the fielder without touching the ground it's catch out. the ball hit batsman pad and the ball vartuly going in the stump so it called LBW leg before the wicket. the player doesn't make to the crease and the fielder throw the ball and it hit the stump and the batsman is not in the crease so its call runout. There is somany ways but mostly player gets out like this.there are 3 more ways but mostly player are getting out like this. other ways are obstrecting the field(once inzmam get out), handale the ball, and time out. Batsman can get out by following types:- 1) Catch out 2) Bowled 3) Stumping 4) Runout 5) Hit wicket 6) LBW 7) Handling the ball 8) Distracting the field 9) Timeout 10) Not offering a shot (similar to LBW but in this case umpire can give the batsman out if he thinks that batsman is not offering a shot and hitting it with pad, ball may or may not be going to hit stump) Number 10 is actually LBW. The 10th way is Hitting the ball twice.

If the cricket ball hits the bat then goes onto the leg is it still LBW?

Yes. If it then hits the batman outside of off, then the batsman has to have not offered a genuine shot to be out. If he has offered a shot and it hits him outside off, it is not out. But this is not where it pitched. As long as the ball pitches in-line with the stumps or outside off, the batsman can be adjudged LBW

What is the difference between a wicket keeper and a catcher?

takes wickets of course. by bowling the batsman out, stumping him, running him out, lbw, batsman can hit the wicket himself and knock the bails off, timed out and lastly, by the batsman handling the ball