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Kind of,

Bumping and forearm passing have similarities with each other,

Bumping a ball doesn't require any movement with your legs or arms, you just keep your arms in a locked platform until the ball contacts your arm.

Forearm passing involves movement from both arms and legs, to power the pass.

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Q: Is an underhand volley forearm pass and bump the same skill?
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What are the five skills ofa volleyball game?

block, set (volley), bump(pass), serve (underhand and/or overhand),and spike

Which pass is best if the volley ball is coming toward you at waist level?

A forearm pass is best. (bump)

What is underhand pass in basketball?

underhand pass

What are basic and complex skill used in volley ball?

the main skills are the bump, the set, the block and the spike

The palm does not touch the ball during a?

The palm of the hand does not touch the ball in a soccer game THE GUY WAS ASKING ABOUT VOLLEY BALL DOUCHE

What are the three basic strokes used in handball?

bump pass, set pass, set, serve, hit, backset

In volleyball is the bump also known as the backhand pass?

A bump pass is when a player stretches their arms out in front of them and puts their hands together, one hand on top of the other, and thumbs next to each other. When a volleyball is thrown or hit, you use your forearms, just above your wrist, also known as your platform, to pass the volleyball up in the air.

What is The forearm bounce pass is called?

Bump pass

In volleyball a forearm hit is also known as?

a bump

What is a the name of a forearm pass in volleyball?


What three main hits are used to get the volleyball over the net?

smash a bump and a volley

In volleyball is the bump also known as a backhand pass?

No, forearm pass.