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No. The biggest difference is alpine skiing goes down the side of a mountain while cross country skiing is mainly on flat land that has a few small hills.

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Q: Is alpine skiing and cross country skiing the same thing?
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Is Nordic skiing the same thing as cross-country?


Do they have cross country running in the Olympics?

The closest thing to XC in the Olympics is cross-country skiing in the winter Olympics. There is also track, but that does not compare to the sickness of running through the woods now does it? XCbadger44

Can you use cross country skis for down hill skiing?

You can. But they are not built and designed for the same thing, such as the speed downhill skiers achieve.

What do you need to cross country ski?

The first thing you need to know about cross country skiing is basic knowledge of the sports. Cross country skiing involves climbing and go downhill. Skilled Cross country skiers do this effectively and safely. Very importantly, choose the right ski for you. You can maneuver well in snow if you have a comfortable ski with you. Moreover, choose boots that fit snugly, holding your heel in place. You'll also need ski poles that can sit under your arm while you're standing. Also, where a warm undergarment and a ski jacket that fits you well. Avoid cotton undergarment as possible. Don't forget your water resistant gloves. Enjoy skiing!

Why do people visit the french alps?

Because can do skiing and they can do bike riding....(!) :) The main thing to do in the Alps is skiing. There are other things to do such as Ride bikes, Walk, climb, see wildlife, visit alpine villages, site see, or even go swimming in a lake.

Is there such thing as a cross country saddle?


What exercises will burn 3500 calories?

All exercises will burn 3,500 calories over time. Cardio exercise is excellent. Cardio can be such thing as brisk walking , jogging, running, trampolining cross-country skiing, etc.

What are fun thing to do California mountain region?


Is there any difference between an alpine bio me and an alpine tundra biome?

I don't believe there is any difference they are the same thing

What is airplane skiing?

well helicopter skiing is where the chopper drops you on top of an unlifted mountain and you ski on unmarked terriain all the way down Airplane skiing is not a real thing

How popular is skiing?

pretty popular. same thing with snowboarding.

What do Argentine people do for recreation?

A big thing people in Argentina is skiing.

What are the good and bad things about skiing?

I think the good thing about skiing is it is a sport and it helps you relax and sweat during winter. The bad thing is, it is a an extreme sports that requires great endurance so that your body can tolerate the adrenalin rush.

What special training do athletes need in alpine sport?

You need to have BALANCE. it is the most important thing.

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How many gold medals did the U.S. women win in the Winter Olympics in Japan?

US women won 4 gold medals at the 1998 Games in Nagano: 1) US women's ice hockey team2) Picabo Street - Alpine skiing Super G3) Tara Lapinski - Singles figure skating4) Nikki Stone - Freestyle skiing aerials

What would happened to skiing without friction?

The same thing that would happen to waves if there were no water on the planet

How much does heli skiing cost?

After doing some research, it appears that most Heli-skiing trips will cost anywhere between $1000-$2000. The best thing to do is plan accordingly and in advance as much as possible.

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All it does is get your cardio up, so yes, it helps you get in shape which is one thing you need for basketball.

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No such thing exists.

Is there such thing as a 3 mile country?

there is no such thing as a 3-mile country

Is a tundra classified as being cold with low precipitation levels and permafrost ground?

No because there is a such thing as an alpine tundra that is much nicer.

Is there such thing as a polar bear Beanie Baby?

yes! i own one, and it is so cute! its name is Alpine, but i renamed it Snowflake! :P