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No it is not a sport!

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Q: Is aerobics a sport
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When are aerobics used in sport?

swimming is aerobics. anything that works your heart and lungs; so basically any sport. even walking .

How do you get really good at sport aerobics?

keep practicing and work hard. :)

What sport is played in aquatics?

There is Swimming, Water Polo, Diving, and Water Aerobics.

What sport begin with the letter A?

Some are... Athletics, Archery and Aerobics. Hoped this helped you!

What are the parts of an aerobic exercise routine?

The parts of an aerobics routine can be different. If you are talking about a sport aerobics routine then there are certain things you have to do. These things include high leg kicks, push ups, jumping jacks, pivots, the splits and a press. There are also different levels in sport aerobics. The higher levels involve doing more harder things.

What is a aerobics certification?

An aerobics certification is basically a license an aerobics instructor or a personal trainer acquires to validate and prove there knowledge twords the skill of aerobics.

Is weightlifting aerobics?

No, weight lifting is not aerobics.

Who invented aerobics?

kerin kormic pretty much own most of the aerobic industry these days but im not sure who has invented the sport x

What helps to lose weight faster aerobics or yoga?


A system of earning points from active aerobics?

Cooper Aerobics

When did Dance Aerobics happen?

Dance Aerobics happened in 1987.

Water aerobics and step aerobics are cardiovascular exercises?


What are aquarobics?

Aqua aerobics or water aerobics are exercises (aerobics) done in shallow water or water that reaches about mid chest area.

History of aerobics?

History of Aerobics Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, a physician at the San Antonio Air Force Hospital in Texas, devised a form of exercise that helped to prevent coronary artery disease. He called this system Aerobics. These exercises were initially invented for astronauts and they were carefully monitored for pulse rate and oxygen consumption. Later, it was observed that these types of exercises were also useful for the general population and thus came about the different forms of aerobics such as dance aerobics, step aerobics, water aerobics etc. Cooper published a book called `Aerobics` in the year 1968. It included scientific exercise programs using running, walking, swimming and bicycling. This book became an instant success as it came at a time when the American population were starting to face the ill effects off the sedentary lifestyle they had grown used to due to the advent of the many comforts that technology provided. During the next two decades, aerobic dance and exercise in various forms spread throughout the United States and into other countries. The number of aerobic participants in the U.S alone grew from an estimated 6 million in 1978 to 22 million in 1987. In 1983, Howard and Karen Schwartz organized Sport Fitness International (SFI) to oversee a new competitive sport they had developed, known as sport aerobics. The first world championships were held at San Diego in March of 1990 with athletes from 15 countries competing. Sport aerobics originally featured competition in four categories: Individual male, female, mixed pairs, and trio, which can include any three athletes. In 2002, competition was added for groups of six athletes. Competitors are judged on a one-minute, 45-second routine done to music. Judges use two criteria, artistic merit and technical merit, with a maximum of 10 points each. The Federation Internationale Gymnastique formally adopted sport aerobics as a gymnastics discipline in the year 1996 after their first world championship in 1995.

What sport and fitness can Indian girls do which also includes bodybuilding?

Aerobics salsa throw ball volleyball

What actors and actresses appeared in Clear Blue - 2010?

The cast of Clear Blue - 2010 includes: Wordsley as Aerobics Class Jeff Clarke as Griff Kimberly Crandall as Aerobics Class Gabe Hohreiter as Lifeguard Edward Joyce as Aerobics Class Nancy Linehan Charles as Flova Ana Lugo as Aerobics Class Tedi Martin as Water Aerobics instructor Ron McCoy as Pat Natalie Nastulczykova as Aerobics Class Thia Schuessler as Young Flova Ben Schyah as Aerobics Class Chris Sheffield as Simon Cristina Simarro as Aerobics Class Rebecca Tarani as Aerobics Class

Are water aerobics and step aerobics cardiovascular exercises?

Yes. Water Aerobics and Step aerobics are a type of Cardiovascular exercises . Here is a source from A Cardiovascular Website. Some common examples of aerobics exercises include cycling, biking, jogging, running, swimming and dancing. You can also carry out your aerobic workout on different machines in the gym like treadmill, stationary exercising bike, stair-stepper etc. Recently, Step Aerobics, Dance aerobics and Water Aerobics are growing in popularity.

What is the function of aerobics?

The function of Aerobics is exercising to enhance Lung functions in smokers.

How do you use the word aerobics in a sentence?

I jogged this morning, on the way to the aerobics class.

When did Aerobics Oz Style end?

Aerobics Oz Style ended in 2005.

When was Aerobics Oz Style created?

Aerobics Oz Style was created in 1982.

When was Dance Aerobics created?

Dance Aerobics was created on 1987-02-26.

What is a sentence using the word aerobics?

I am looking for an aerobics class nearer to my house.

What is the duration of Aerobics Oz Style?

The duration of Aerobics Oz Style is 1800.0 seconds.

Are there any sport or activities starting with a?

sports / activities beginning with A: * archery * acting * art * art collecting * aerobics * auto refurbishing * antique collecting * autograph collecting * auctions

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