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A lateral pass that hits the ground is a fumble, and if the defense recovers, it is a turnover. If the receiver drops the ball after he catches a lateral pass, it is considered an incompletion.

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Q: Is a lateral considered a fumble if the defense recovers the ball?
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If you fumble the ball in football is it first down if you pick it up?

If the offense recovers the fumble and advances it beyond the original first down line, yes, it is a first down. If the ball is not advanced past the original first down line then the next play is the down after the one that the fumble occurred on. For example, if a running back fumbles the ball on second down and an offensive line man recovers the fumble but does not advance the ball beyond the original first down line, it is then third down. If the defense recovers the fumble, then it is an automatic first down wherever the player that recovered the fumble is downed.

If a running back fumbles the ball and the other team recovers are the yards gained prior to the fumble counted for the running backs stats?

Yes. The running back will get credit for the number of yards past the line of scrimmage the fumble occurred. If the line of scrimmage was at the defense's 20 yard line and the fumble occurred at the defense's 14 yard line, the running back would be credited with 6 yards rushing. If the line of scrimmage was at the defense's 14 yard line and the fumble occurred at the defense's 20 yard line, the running back would be credited with -6 yards rushing.

Does a facemask prior to a fumble negate the fumble?

If there is a facemask on the defense then it should negate any fumble they may have acquired during play.

What are the ways to force a turnover in the NFL?

You can force a turnover three ways in the NFL. If a defender catches a pass it is called an interception. If a defender knocks the ball out of a ball carriers hands and then recovers it is called a fumble and a fumble recovery. If a defense stops a team from converting on fourth down it is called a turn over on downs.

Is it a fumble if a punt is blocked?

Yes! A blocked punt is a fumble simply because it can be advanced by which every team recovers said block. This is different then a punt returner who didn't made the catch (basically, doesn't gain possession of the ball). This is considered a "muff" and can be recovered but not advanced by either team.

What is a touchdown?

== == == == When the ball is advanced past the end zone line it is called a touchdown. It is worth 6 points. A touchdown can be scored on offense or defense by any player. A touchdown can also be scored if there is a fumble in the end zone, and the team that scored on that end zone recovers the fumble.

What does F mean in football defense stats?


In college football is the play dead if a lateral touches the ground?

Any backward pass (which is what a lateral would be) that is not caught is a fumble in both the NCAA and the NFL.

When someone sacks the quarterback do you count the negative yardage from where he was sacked or where the other team recovers the ball?

its where the qb is sacked but if he fumbles it its where the line of scrimage is If there is no fumble, hence no turnover, then the negative yardage is where the quarterback is officially tackled. On a fumble and turnover and downed recovery by the other team, I believe that the negative yardage would then be calculated from the line of scrimmage to where the opponent recovers.

Is it a fumble if you throw the ball backwards?

Any ball not clearly a forward pass is a backward pass. The term lateral is not in any rule book Ihave ever read. The term is backward pass. A backward pass can be intercepted or recovered by the defense and they will get possession at the end of the play. A grounded backward pass is played as a fumble and can be recovered and advanced by either team.

Is it a interception if the defense catches a option pitch?

No its not. In an option play, the pitch must go slightly backwards like a lateral and when this happens its basically a handoff. At that point its not an interception its a fumble by the offense. The announcers may say that they player "intercepted the pitch" but that does not make it an interception.

What if the punter in football misses a kick?

If a punter misses a kick it is a live ball. If the kicking team recovers, they turn the ball over on downs. (Assuming they are unable to recover the ball and covet.) If the defending team recovers it plays out the same way as a traditional fumble would.