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no i have a 2000 yz 125 and can beat a kx 125 blind folded

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Q: Is a kx 125 faster than a yz 125?
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What is faster a kx 60 or a yz 85?

believe it or not, the kx 60 is faster a cause of it having a motor too powerful for the small, light frame, so yes, the kx 60 is faster than the yz 85

What dirt bike is faster cr yz kx?


Are the yz 125's or kx 125's better?

The yz 125 is better because 2005 and up have An aluminum frame and over all better. The kx 125 is ok but they made an aluminum frame in 2007. I would always go with yamaha

What is faster a Yamaha yz 85 or a Yamaha ttr 125?

yz 85 cus its 2 stroke but if u modify the 125 enough the 125 is faster ya dinconpoop the ttr 125 is faster

Is a Dr 125 faster then a Yz 250?


What one is faster a 2004 drz 125 or yz 80 1993?


What is faster a 1999 kx 80 or a 2001 yz 80?

The kx 80 goes way faster it goes 65 If u have a pro circuit pipe it will go 70-75 The yz 80 goes 50-55 if u have a pro circuit pipe it will go 55-67

What is a good 125cc dirt bike?

a ktm sx 125 is a great bike mine has never let me donw and they are reely fast bikes 1.KTM 125 The KTM and the YZ are the only two that make them right now.... 2.YZ 125 3.KX 125 4.RM 125 5.CR 125

Ktm or suzuki which is faster?

yz 125 will kik both ov their arses

Would yz 125 plastics from a 2000 model fit on a 1998 yz 125?

yz 125 use the same plastics from 1996 to 2001

What is the fastest 85-125 motorcross bike?

in my oppion for 85 i would choose the yz 85 it has a crazy powerband and is fastest in the higher rpms. for 125 i would have to say kx 125 in my oppion because it goes very fast into the powerband

Will a 1993 triple tree form a yz 125 fit on a 1989 yz 125?

no it will not