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no...not at all

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Q: Is a keyboard heaver than a football?
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Is a football heaver than a soccer ball?

Yes a football is heaver than a soccer ball.

Is a hippo heaver than a rhino?

Yes a hippo is heaver than a rhino

Is mars heaver than earth?


Is water heaver than soil?


What is heaver than 1 ounce?

a gollon

Are tons heaver than pound?

There are 2,000lbs. in a ton

Is uranium heaver than hydrogen?

Yes, it is true.

Is a kilogram lighter than a feather?

a kilogram is heaver then a feather

How do you spell heaver?

Heaver is the correct spelling.

I think because softball is heavier than baseball. I also think that its because of airmasses. Softball has more airmass than baseball.?

yes the softball is heaver bc of the bigger it is. now i don't think a softball is heaver of air mass. but yes a softball is heaver!

How much does a sheet of plywood weight?

thickness and type of wood are varibles oak and maple are heaver than pine 3/4 is heaver than 1/4 and 1/2

What is the measurement of Crisco vs butter?

Crisco is heaver than butter

Is a baseball or softball heaver?

a soft ball is heaver

Why are coins made from brass rather than copper?

because brass is heaver than copper

Is 4.5 grams heaver than 52.5 grams?

52.5 grams is heavier

Which is heaver a ounce or a gram?

An ounce is about 28 times heavier than a gram.

Is dirt heaver per ounce than water?

That depends what exactly is in the "dirt" .

Is lpg gas is heaver than air?

Yes LPG in gas phase is heavier than Air.

Why does an egg not float in sugar water?

The egg is heaver per volume than the water.

What causes something to sink?

Either: its heaver than water, or if its a boat, then water go in.

Is 1 t heaver than 1000 g?

No, a 1000g is 1kg. 1000Kg is 1t.

Why do some object float on others?

Because some objects are heaver than others.

When was Brent Heaver born?

Brent Heaver was born on 1971-06-15.

What is heaver then water?

A lot of things are denser than water. It depends on how much water you are using.

What is heaver 10 gauge or 18 gauge?

18 gauge is thinner than 10 gauge.