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yes the softball is heaver bc of the bigger it is. now i don't think a softball is heaver of air mass. but yes a softball is heaver!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-13 17:40:03
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Q: I think because softball is heavier than baseball. I also think that its because of airmasses. Softball has more airmass than baseball.?
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What part of speech is airmass?

The word airmass is a singular noun. The plural is airmasses.

What is the airmass of ltaly?

Air does not remain in a given place. A country does not have an 'airmass'.

What happens when a warm airmass moves over a cool airmass?

it become a storm

How do use the word airmass?

The warmer airmass that was coming would mark a positive change in the weather.

An airmass that is very warm and dry would be what?

An airmass that is very warm and dry would be very light and have a tendency to rise up.

What affects do air masses have?

An airmass is a large (usually thousands of miles across) volume of air that has horizontally uniform properties in terms of temperature, and to a lesser extent humidity. Airmasses acquire their properties from spending days to weeks over the same part of the Earth: say over northern Canada, the North Pole, the tropical Pacific Ocean, etc. Polar airmasses become very cold, especially in the winter, because relatively little sunlight shines on the poles of the Earth, and so the air mass continuously loses infrared radiation to outer space, which cools it, with little or no sunlight to offset that cooling. A "continental polar" airmass will be somewhat colder and less humid (from being over very cold land) than a "maritime polar" airmass, which has been somewhat warmed and moistened by the ocean. A "tropical maritime" airmass will be very warm and humid. A "tropical continental" airmass usually covers much of the United States in the summertime. Other airmass types include "arctic", "equatorial", and "monsoon". Fronts are the boundaries between air masses of different temperature. Extratropical cyclones (low pressure areas) also form along these fronts and draw their energy from the temperature difference between air masses. On average, warm air masses tend to flow poleward, and cold air masses tend to flow equatorward, helping to cool the tropics and warm the polar regions.

What is the difference between maritime tropical and polar?

Compared to a maritime tropical airmass, a maritime polar airmass has lower temperature and less water vapor.

What are the characteristics of a continental arctic airmass?

It is cold and dry.

What effect does ocean currents have?

It affects the temperature and Humidity of a climate...(marintime airmass is develping and being moved with winds that carry water vapor and are being deposited over the continental airmass)

How does airmass effect climate?

sry trying to figure out same thing

A large body of air that develops over a particular region?


What is an airmass source region?

An airmass source region is an extensive area of the earth's surface over which bodies of air remain for a sufficient time to acquire characteristic temperature and moisture properties imparted by that surface.

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