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goalies are allowed to take penelties but it could be criticle

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Q: Is a goalie allowed to take a Penalty in Soccer?
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Can a goalie take a penalty shot?

no only a player can take a penalty shot.

Can a soccer player return to kick penalty goal once he has left the game?

No, Only the people that are on the pitch when the shootout starts are allowed to take a penalty.

What is the penalty for to many players on a soccer field?

there is no penalty they'll just take away as many players extra you have

Can you give any tips about playing rules for a beginner soccer goalie?

Well I have been a goalie and I am a soccer ref and there are a few rules first you cant touch the ball if your teammate passes it directly to you on pourpouse and you can only holdthe soccer ball for ten seconds you cant put sticky glue on your hands you are allowed todrop the ball and take it to the other goal without using your hands you are not allowed to use your hands outside of the goialie box and off a punt you can score

Where is the position of the goalie in field hockey?

Rather simply, the goal. In more detail the goalie is restricted to their defensive 23 metre area and can only use their pads within their circle. The exception to this is that a goalie can come forward to take a penalty stroke.

How many players from each team take the field in a soccer game?

11 players (including the goalie) take the field from each team.

What happens when you get kicked in the knee in a soccer game?

Most people will take a dive and milk a penalty. It's soccer, it's expected.

Why you need coordination in football?

You need coordination in soccer because then you can get away from the defender that is guarding you from the goal, and so you can score on the other teams goalie.(Coordination can help you juke their goalie out of their place and you can take the shot before the goalie gets the ball.)

Can a goalie take a stroke on the other team's goalie?

No. A goalie cannot come out from the circle. Unless their stupid enough to take the risk and take their gear off and go to shoot it which would be pointless as you need the goalie.

How do you play goalie?

In soccer the most important and daring position is goalie. i play goalie and have had many tough situations. you must have lightning quick reflexes and a bravery to take shots to the face. you must be able to dive in any conditions. you must take strenuous training to be able to perform what is neccesary to keep the ball out of your goal. (Defensive help is required)

What rules have changed in Soccer?

The last rule by f.i.F.A was that if a penalty is there, then the penalty taker should take it with one run, he can not run and then stop and start again to fool the goalkeeper, if he does it he will get a yellow card.

Can a soccer goalie run with the ball in his hands more than four steps?

He can take however many steps as he wants he just must release the ball before 5 seconds and cannot carry the ball outside of the goalie box.

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